Probably Interviews with Monster Girls is one of my favorite harem anime regardless its not a harem anime. I watched a lot of anime from one of my least favorite genre of course too my guilty pleasure. But it seems like this genre has never tried to change something new from its genre. One of the anime it was right with its genre probably Ouran High School Host Club. This is also a reverse harem and not a general harem. But Interviews with Monster Girls is actually a very very different case. Its no more so if its about monsters mythology that was actually cute girls. First of all Interviews with Monster Girls kind of similar to Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls. I mean its a harem anime. However its different from this. The way they bring its concept is very special and unique. It takes something very ordinary into something fun of another cute girl story. The story takes place in our world and no fantasy. Ajin or Demi live side by side with us. Society has accepted them as part of the community. Yet some cases make it possible if they are still ostracized. So they must accept the consequences as they are. The story is common but talks about problems that often occur in society or social groups. But with a lot of cuteness I think the plot isnt too hard to study. However there is one person who is so obsessed with them. He is Tetsuo Takahashi a male biology teacher who is very obsessed with Demi. He is highly respected by teachers as well as his students. Apart from that he never met Demi at all. From here he got the opportunity to meet them. Takahashi is not only obsessed or fascinated by the monster but he has a good reason. He tries to understand them from their perspective what their problems and what their characteristics are. In addition he tried to help them to become a part of society. They are a vampire Dullahan YukiOnna and Succubus. In fact I cant say that this is a harem show regardless I really appreciate there is no fanservice at all even a little. It focuses much on its characters especially the cute girls with quite a little realism approach. It makes the characters very special with this approach especially this is also a school anime at first glance looks ordinary. Sure there was a moment you would think is okay to come at first. But you dont really think about how complex this story or anime was. The humor and the pace are really as its best and balanced. Everything in this anime is very interesting and of course its really an enjoyable show. A1 Pictures always works on popular anime which is normal and sometimes looks simple. Interview with Monster Girls falls into a simple category of quality. The use of very bright light gives us a happy and charming anime. There is nothing interesting at all except if you forget about the plot once it looks like a generic anime in general. Really the show did pretty well with its cuteness which we all want. The design of characters come with a variety of uniqueness with each other regardless I didnt find anything special from Takahashi. But all the heroines especially their hairstyles and a little moe are pretty good. Yet the art doesnt show anything special and it only appears generic. Like the artwork the sound was really perfect with the theme and mood. Its the same as the artwork pretty generic especially music background that fits in several scenes. The casts did very well from each character they played especially Kaede Hondo who was the most charming here. Of course Yoko Hikasa is the most mellow of all. At first I dont really think that Takahashi is a mature adult character where anime rarely uses stereotypical like this. Especially this is a charming anime with a lot of cute girls. He is a genuine person who helped these Demi. Therefore all the Demi girls really like her as a teacher or father who helped her. Hikari is the most lovable and most honest character of all. She is very energetic despite being not very smart. In addition she is the first Demi who was approached by Takahashi himself. However her character doesnt improve too much or comes with something new other than she is the lead girl. She also has her own dynamic arc. Kyouko is a Dullahan a very smart and humble. She is shy but doesnt talk too much other than she likes something about lessons and others. Yuki is also a shy character and she takes most arc than any characters. She is an awkward girl and always misunderstands the people around her. Sakie is a teacher just like Takahashi but younger than Takahashi. She is sometimes awkward and shy because she is careful so she doesnt come into physical contact with her opposite gender. However she was the one the most comedy and seemed to be a romance to say the least. Interviews with Monster Girls came with an entertaining show with charming mood cuteness and dynamic plot. Most of these shows are nothing more than a comedy and school anime. With at least fantasy with realism itself the art is generic. The music is also very average but the opening set with the tone. Probably my favorite nonharem anime.
84 /100
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