The art in this manga is quite simply unbelivable. There is a grounded yet excentric art style which has serious power. The eyes and lines of characters makes them pop and instantly recognizable and individual. However good art isnt good enough to make a manga stand on its own even to a mediocre level. What takes this manga to the stratosphere of good quality is how well the art pairs with the story. Firstly this is some well written charecter drama something close to the level of march comes in like a lion. The story progresses as we get to know the behaviour of the characters as we learn who they are. What makes this shine is how well the art and narrative blend something with march comes in like a lion lacks. The body language of this manga is far beyond anything else ive seen in a long time and it enriches the character of the manga. Character motion is simply beautiful everything looks so fluid like a frame removed from a film. but above all else stands the paneling and composition. Its insane how beautiful each panel is. How each panel focuses your attention to whats important hints at things that might be the atmosphere generated is amazing. however this isnt even the best bit about the manga. Loads of manga have art that elevates the story but blue period is probably the only one where the story elevates the art. The more you learn the more you apreciate how much work has been done to get to the very product youre reading and it elevates the experience. The mangaka plays off this too. the more you learn about a particular technique the more theyll intergrate it into the artwork which then better helps you enjoy the story. The story is good too. Its littered with seeds of potential development points for the story and is simply a pleasure to read. the dynamic of Yaguchis development never seems unnatural. infact you could say that although his outlook changes he remains the same person throughout. Ryuji acts as a brilliant foil and truly brings out the best of Yaguchis development without ever feeling like a plot contrivence but a genuine grounded character which is increadibly hard to pull off for an excentric This manga is a masterpiece in the making and i cant reccomend it enough. We are seriously looking at a contender for best seinen of the decade and im praying to high heaven that shaft get to animate it.
92 /100
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