This anime starts with the main character (Naho Takamiya) receiving a letter from the future her. That letter has only one goal that is... saving the new transferred boy from his death.

That boy, whose name is Kakeru Naruse, after classes he gets invinted to go somewhere with a group of five. The group it's composed by the following students: Naho, Hiroto Suwa, Azusa Murasaka, Saku Hagita and__ Chino Takako__. They all decide to pass by Azusa's parents bakery to eat something and after this the story starts for real.

Naho begins to fell something for Kakeru but she is a very shy girl so she hesites a lot. The rest of the group notices her feelings so they try their best to help her. In my opinion, Suwa was for sure a important character for the whole story. One important thing is the girl that ends up dating Kakeru, this only happened because Naho hesitate on telling Kakeru not to date her so when she asked him out, he ends up accepting. Good thing is that it didn´t last long but that girl later on brings Naho a lot of problems only because Naho was being happy with him.

Suwa had feelings for Naho but he prefers to help her be happy with Kakeru. Basically, Suwa abdicated from his own feelings to help Naho with her relationship.

The switchs between the present and future are pretty clear and puts the story on another level. The character design is pretty good, some of them look better on the future and others in the present.
This anime is for sure a great romance and drama anime, it made me cry a lot of times and smile too. The plot is awesome and the ending is unexpected.

Further on, they discover that it wasn't only Naho that receive a letter, the rest of the group got all one letter from their future ones and in the end, you will see if after all Kakeru dies or if he lives.Both opening and ending songs are wonderful and their's animation is really good.

I love romantic stories because they bring such good plots and beautiful characters and fits well in this requirements. Now Orange is one of my favourite romance anime ! I will end this review with a tear falling from my right eye but happy inside!

Hope you liked it!

92 /100
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