Yet another SOL so that means no spoilers. I suppose. New Game is fun and interesting look into the production of games. As a person who wants to work in the industry this was really a fun watch. PREMISE OF THE SHOW: New Game as mentioned before is a show about VIDEO GAME PRODUCTION gamers rise up we follow Aoba Suzukaze as she graduates from High School and joins Eagle Jump to become a Character Designer. She has her own reason for joining that studio the reason being is that her favourite game was made there Kou Yagami Lead Character Designer also works there. She is the inspiration for Aoba since she became Lead Character Designer early on. We can see Aoba completing series of tasks to help her train herself in the new workspace. At this time we see many new character may it be coworkers of Aoba or the higher ups as well. More importantly to me we get to see UMIKO AHAGON one of the programmer members. My reason for liking her scenes is because we always get to see her with a dead/depressed look on her face which is 10000 accurate to real life. Later on in the show the team takes up making a new game hehehehhe we are introduced to the stress and pain of meeting deadlines and all of the ins and outs of the game development process. Fun stuff. 420 CHARACTERS: New Game has many fun characters you can find at least one that youll relate to. Aoba The main character she is filled with PASSION and DETERMINATION. She always tries to work hard and make sure she doesnt mess up she is the ideal employee for any company. Kou Is the main inspiration for Aoba she sleeps in the offices and works at 200 efficiency. She is an absolute beast when it comes to work. She is also quite laidback not that strict. Hifumi The pinnacle of the show the cutest character the world has seen. She is quite shy and just wants to get along with people but cant really talk well in real life. For some reason its ALWAYS characters like this that just make my heart melt so much. Umiko The programmer she is quite strict. Also very obsessed with military things she often participates in Airsoft activities and tries to make others join. Because she is the programmer that must mean she is quite dead/depressed looking when at work. 100 realistic. There are few more characters that I liked but not as much as these lads. With some my opinion changes in the S2 of the show. For example: Nenechi at first I was not a huge fan of her then sort of liked her few episodes later but in S2. Oh lawd. All you need to know for now is that she is the friend of Aoba from childhood who is in Uni. 420 ART/ANIMATION: New Game has...well the sort of animation you would expect from a SOL smooth but not Nichijou level of animation budget. The art style is very bright which fits very well with all of the characters being all lively and stuff. Really makes the viewer relaxed. 420 MUSIC: This show has quite a soothing and fun OST. Feels really Gameish. Which... well...fits with the whole idea of the show. The OP is fun not the best Ive heard. S2 OP is better in every aspect but I wouldnt call this one that bad. ED is kind of forgetable for me. 420 OVERALL OPINION: All in all New Game is a SOL that tries to show you the Game Industry of course its not VERY realistic Its a show its meant to be a way of escaping reality not go back to it. But compared to other shows that try to show people working somewhere this one does manage to be a bit more connected to reality.
90 /100
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