No spoilers here this is an Episodic SOL. One of the best Surreal Slice of Life. PREMISE OF THE SHOW: Nichijou as the name suggests is a story about your day to day ordinary life. Kinda well there is many insane things happening in the show. From Humanoid robot created by an 8 year old to laser beams shooting from someones mouth. We follow 5 characters split to two groups. Yuuko Mai and Mio are High School students who have are just trying to have fun. There is also Nano and Hakase a friendly family that does very ordinary and is totally not a lonely kid with a human robot. 420 CHARACTERS: Well I already named the characters earlier but lets go again. Yuuko The energetic type though is often seen copying other peoples homework cause she is too lazy to do it herself. Mio Calm but sensitive so she sometimes explodes like Mob from Mob Psycho 100. She also does some fine art top class. She often needs help and support from others to function properly but also gives that support to others. Mai No one truly knows how much power she truly possesses. She is incredibly talented and excels at nearly everything. She is calm all of the time and is the most intelligent of the three. Nano A humanoid robot who is in constant torment due to the big ass key sticking out from her spine. No matter how many times she begs Hakase to remove it it doesnt help. Jokes aside she is a happy robot girl who really wants to learn and live a normal human life. Hakase Incredibly intelligent though she acts her age 8 years old. Always tinkers with Nano which most of the time leads to disaster. 420 ART/ANIMATION: Now this is the most unique and amazing part of Nichijou. The animation is perfect. The amount of detail and just how fluid it is its really breath taking. Normally SOL has average animation smooth but nothing ground breaking. Well this is on a different LEVEL. Almost as if the Studio behind it had infinite budget for this series. The art style ties in so well with the incredible animation as well. Its simple but then it pulls a sneaky on ya and goes full detail mode. Most often for a joke. The gifs I used should be enough to show the good art style and incredible animation. 420 MUSIC: The OPs and EDs of Nichijou are fantastic the OPs are really energetic and capture the essence of the show really well. The EDs are the opposite the are much calmer. They show the more ordinary aspect of things people walking back from school/work and some people just hanging about. The OST is quite unique as well most of the songs are catchy so thats good. They fit the show quite gucci. 420 OVERALL OPINION: In my own opinion this is a must watch for any fan of SOL or Surreal Humour. The animation is incredible the characters are interesting and fun and the skits in the show always made me laugh.
100 /100
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