So many bad anime, so little time to tell you how bad. But as the anime industry continues to recycle anything that made a buck, and runs from originality or actual good source material like it’s the plague that will end the earth, the catalogue of the past few seasons have proved more crowded than ever with creative cowardice enhanced by the participation of shameless hacks. Have you felt the brain-numbing deja vu of Goblin Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, and The Price of Smiles? I have. And even worse, there was the brain tumors—My Sister My Writer, and Conception.

And to continue the downward spiral of degeneracy, a new challenger appears! Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma scrapes the bottom of the barrel at every turn while targeting and squarely hitting the lowest possible common denominator. To be completely fair to director Tokihiro Sasaki and his production team at Studio Seven, they took not only the path of least resistance but also wisely pegged their target audience by going as broad as humanly possible. Not a single second of Nobunaga-sensei gets close to subtlety or nuance, obviously, seeing what kind of series this is, and also the desired demographic doesn’t want anything resembling thought-provoking or challenging. They wish instead for instant gratification, and that’s exactly what they get. Considering the base quality of the material, the director’s big mistake was in not making it full-on hentai. Its premise is unbelievably stupid and bizarrely tone-deaf enough to make Seiji Ebisu blush.

The target audience would love it, even more, had it been strewn with loli’s participating in reverse gang bang scenes with the main protagonist, who is a blank slate for them to project themselves on. The synopsis leaves little to the imagination of what this is about, and exactly whom it's pandering to. From the plot, writing, characters, art, animation, score, and comedy, it’s all low-rent quality that will make the creator of Conception proud. Nobunaga-sensei is heavy on the pedophilia elements, with all sorts of scenarios that the main protagonist indulges in—and when you take into account his character traits, and what turns him on, it is no stretch in any way to make this claim. What prevents this show joining the all-time low in mirthless farce list is that each episode is 7 minutes long. Could you imagine if this show was any minute longer? Good luck finding a happy time anywhere in this Pedo-rated ‘comedy’ without a solitary laugh or a single redeeming feature.

Can an anime really be all that bad? This profoundly skeevy work of smut proves that, yes, it really can. Nobunaga-sensei is more like a death sentence—12 episodes that achieve a cumulative level of sentimental toxicity strong enough to poison viewers who don’t exit out of their browser tab or streaming app quick enough. The show doesn’t go out of its way to demonize the actions of the main protagonist (because how could the director and writers insult the self-inserts?), nor the interactions between him and his loli “concubine”. This is all played out to fulfill the desires of the target audience over the series comedy, which is why most of the jokes are tasteless and lack any punch. The show populates its principal cast with mostly overdrawn, cookie-cutter types. It has the kind of dialogue that is shameless, banal, or what the Spaniards would describe, “grima”. It makes you wonder how no one in the process of making this show thought to stop and say, “What the f*ck are we doing?” How was this brainstormed? It had to be birthed from an actual circle-jerk.

Studio Seven is known to take on projects like Nobunaga-sensei, but visually, you would at least expect some consistency. The art and animation have its moments of characters going off-model, faces turning derpy mid-scene, characters being too stiff and wooden, etc. But once the show switches the ecchi-o-meter up, of course, most of these things are fixed—got to keep the salivating target audiences’ boners erected, right? There are other ecchi series airing this season that does a better job, even when most of their revealing scenes are censored, it’s still superior. Apart from these things, you could say everything is what you’d expect from a 'low-rent' soft-core hentai, after all, it’s a cheap cash grab. Their suggestive camera game is strong, just like the seiyuu’s orgasms—which requires one to have the mute button ready. Sound design is pretty weird in that the volume of the background music can be overwhelming where it’s louder than voices of the characters.

Intended or not, Nobunaga-sensei is as grotesque and unfunny as the characters it’s named after. Maybe the anime industry needs to realize that these masturbation flicks are not the answer to Japan’s declining birth rate and the increasing numbers of Japanese men choosing to marry anime characters. This is a top contender for worst anime of 2019. So, give it a pass, it's not even worth watching just to see how shit it is. If you want an alternative ecchi comedy than this dumpster fire that involves teachers and students, then check out the 12-minute short that is “Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?” (Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? In English). It’s actually funny, the comedy is based on black humor, it has fun with its clichés and tropes, doesn’t take itself seriously, and the ecchi is ten times better.

20 /100
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