welcome to my review of forest fairy five happy to see you

i dont like this show its not very good

lets start with the actual story, the show is about these fairies or whatever and they um do things

yeah this anime has no plot whatsoever, and thats typically not a problem for me as someone who loves slice of life anime

the problem with the lack of plot in this anime is that this show is not at all funny, interesting, or clever enough to ignore the fact that nothing of note is happening, unlike most slice of life anime

in fact, id go as far as to say that, this is likely what all slice of life anime looks like to people who hate slice of life anime

and if you dont really know what i mean when i mention how uninteresting this show can be, there is an actual episode i kid you not, where the latter half of the episode is just dedicated to them playing rock paper scissors

and not in a mundane-made-awesome kind of way like how nichijou or something would have done it no they're just casually playing rock paper scissors, with no jokes like at all

thats about the kind of engagement to expect if you ever decide to watch forest fairy five, which by the way is not very good

to add to that the actual concept of this show is so hilariously ridiculous that im a little sad this show is so boring

i would have loved to see what an actual good writer who had interesting ideas would have come up with for "japan is now the anime kingdom, and anime is real in japan, and also fairies are real too"

i guess now is a good time to change the subject to the characters

all the characters are about the same personality-wise, but they have different powers to them that in some cases could open up a lot of unique comedic and funny ideas and scenarios that the show utilises and by utilises i mean that the only good line in the anime only exists because of this feature and nothing at all is done with the powers the characters have

also there's these two floating pink and yellow (and later orange) things that fly around and talk about things

one of them gets a job and never appears again and the other one looks for a girlfriend

so yeah that character arc is very pointless

did i have any enjoyment of this show

not really how could i, its slice of life done without anything actually funny put into it and exists just to prove that we as a society really need to start telling people not to stop caring when it comes to making anime for children

im so happy that this show has seemingly been completely lost to obscurity, so much so that not only less people completed this show than dropped it (on this site anyway), but anilist actually as of right now doesn't even have the correct banner for this anime

i dont know how long this has been like but i dont frankly care enough to tell someone to fix it

really im just doing society a disservice by reminding people it existed and the only reason im not giving this a 0 is because honestly ive legit seen worse than this somehow

while im at it now would be a good time to mention i somehow went through this entire review without bringing up the god-awful cgi thats pretty impressive on my end ill say that much

10 /100
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