WARNING: SPOILER HEAVY READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Wataten is a show that details the daily interactions between Miyako and her little sisters friends. One of those friends in particular she happens to have unreciprocated feelings for. That person is Hana. The show does a really good job playing on this by making the scenes where Miyako tries to show a different level of affection to Hana as opposed to the other girls really comical. Another thing done really well is the fact that Miyakos feeling are never overly sexualized a direction I feared this show would head eventually. Miyakos feelings are pretty wholesome and thats really nice to see. Where I feel the show messes up is in Hanas personality. She never really has a moment in the show where she seriously acknowledges Miyakos feelings. There is always some quick change of direction to Hana brining up sweets. Even if Hana doesnt feel the same which really she shouldnt with the age gap it would be great to at least get an internal monologue where Hana comes to realize just how much Miyako likes her outside of the usual usually perverted fangirling photo shoots with her. Other than that I found her to just be pretty dull and drain a lot of the energy brought forth by the other characters. Outside of Miyako and Hana the other cast of characters are really entertaining They make up for Hanas mostly dull personality. Hinata is the overly attached younger sister. She is the one that is the most genuine little kid character in the show and I would seriously love to have a sister like her. Then there is Kyori and Kanon who are like a married couple at this point and Noa who is REALLY interested in others finding her cute she is the cutest by the way. Then lets not forget about Kouko Miyokos stalker and selfproclaimed rival who adds to a lot of the comedic scenes in the last six episodes. All of them are incredibly funny and bring a lot of energy to every scene they are in Final Take: Cute girls doing cute things is definitely a tag that belongs with Wataten. There are enough scenes of them shopping cosplaying with each other and playing games that your cuteness meter will break I say its definitely worth a try if youre on the fence about watching it.
78 /100
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