Danganronpa 3 The End of Hopes Peak Future Arc is an exciting summation to the Danganronpa series. The story is set after Makoto Naegi escapes Hope's Peak Academy and the world has fallen into despair. During this hopeless period a gang of high value terrorists had decimated the world and brought it to ashes but when confronted with the opportunity to kill them Naegi decided against it and attempted to rehabilitate them. Due to Naegi's actions he is summoned for questioning at the head quarters of the Future Organisation. The future Organisation are responsible for combatting the despair and evil that has tormented the world in recent times, but everything begins to look bleak once again as their base is attacked and they are forced into a sadistic game. After sleeping gas storms the boardroom of the Future Organisation each of the leaders wake to an unwelcome message on the projector. It is explained that they've each been cuffed with a bracelet that is set to administer a strong anaesthetic and during this time of paralysis a murder will kill one victim. It's up to Naegi and his friends to figure out who's betrayed them.

The story in Danganronpa 3 The End of Hopes Peak Future arc is thrilling. The characters are all strongly motivated by high ideals of hope and justice but it varies slightly from one character to another, whether it be avoiding violence, eliminating despair or protecting ones friends from harm. Danganronpa really showcases how having polarising characters with strong motivations makes for an interesting and captivating show. The character designs lead you to form a fondness or distaste for them and this was only accentuated by the details that went into each characters back story which we got to see glimpses of through out the show. Furthermore the show went on to have multiple side plot's to accompany the main plot, providing comedic relief or adding more depth to the current situation where the death game was being held. There was a lot of effort placed into interlacing the plot with different themes through all of the characters, there backstory's and the side story's that accompanied the main story and this was much appreciated as it created a more complete and well rounded story than had we only gotten to see one angle.

One area which highlighted the large cast of characters the show superbly handled was in the opening in which each character was set standing next to their own corpse, highlighting the morbid nature of the show and showing how each character might ultimately meet their demise. A personal favourite of mine was the main character Naegi and his counterpart Munakata who were both portrayed holding guns to their heads as each was known for their own extreme ideal of hope, hence they were shown as the most willing to commit the greatest sacrifice of martyrdom to protect their ideals.

Another place where Danganronpa 3 the End of Hope's Peak excelled was in the soundtrack, it perfectly fit the freighting tone and style of the animation. Somehow the soundtrack seemed to combine synthesised beats and bass in a way that was both upbeat and suitable to the video game roots of the Danganronpa franchise but was simultaneously dark and eery to fit the desperation of the characters setting. The opening theme to the show was the spectacular written by Maon Kurosaki, the opening had creepy strings alongside a powerful electric guitar, synth beats and a strong vocal medley.

The animation in Dangonrompa was of good quality but not excellent as the backdrops at time's were blurred and the fighting sequences weren't overly complicated so it lacked some fluidity during the fights. There was to it's credit a great array of camera angles and interesting architectural settings in which the anime took place, making scenes much more interesting. Noteworthy the blood in the series was red unlike the first series in which it was pink much to the joy of the meme culture of the internet, this took some of the pop out of the anime but fit the overall texture and design much better.

Overall Danganronpa 3 the End of Hope's Peak was a thoroughly enjoyable series, it had a lot of twists and turns in the plot that made each episode fill fresh and it only builds on each of these twists. One of the most exciting things about the show is how solvable the entire mystery is making it a great gotcha moment when you finally get to find out who was the culprit and mastermind behind the all the despair. I recommend to watch the series for it's fantastic plot and character arcs.

80 /100
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