"Freedom without laws means anarchy; laws without freedom means tyranny."
-Tanya at Deus lo vult

Saga of Tanya The Devil or more popularly known as Youjo Senki may be seen as another isekai at first sight where the protagonist dies in his own world and gets reincarnated in another world. That's what my first impressions before going into the show, "Another Isekai". But, to my utter surprise, it was entirely different on a whole another level and I mean it. The story revolves around a salaryman in tokyo, who dies a tragic death by being pushed in front of the metro by a man whom he had fired. He always rejected the concept of God, faith, and religion and thus, called him "Being X". Moments before his death, he experiences his first of many encounters with the so called "Being X". He gets reincarnated into another world by "Being X" as our protagonist, Tanya von Degurechaff with the hopes of developing faith by going through tough times there. But with the past experiences from the other world and intellect, she gets herself into the army as a mage, soldiers with magical powers, and that's where it all starts.

Tanya, the protagonist, is unlike the ones you get everywhere. The majority of what she is, is all due to her hatred towards "Being X" and her past experiences. She is rational, and at the early age of ten had become a Major and was the Commander of an infamously skilled Comapny(An Army Unit) assembled by her. They go places, fight, take down, and conquer. They take a major part in war in the front lines and they become the ace up the sleeve for the Empire to win.

The anime deals entirely with war and, shows the topic of "Art Of War" quite fantastically. The tactics shown to conquer place are quite witty, and at the same time, not too complicated, like other anime. The part of explaining the situation was brilliantly executed and the storytelling was phenomenal. The character development was steady, with each character having their equal share of screentime. Particularly, the plot development was executed with excellence. The story felt no rushed, but at the same time, not too slow to become boring. The entire series had a steady pace in everything, which i quite like.

A visual treat, this is one of the better 2 cour isekai anime I have watched in a long time. It had a strange appeal to it. It had the power to pull one in and always bring you back to watch another episode.

88 /100
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