While Black Clover is a rather great shonen and good manga the adaptation takes away from the value animation mainly. The animation team which is pierrot is known for pretty mediocre adaptations. The format they chose for the adaptation is a weekly format which wont necessarily stop until either cancelled or the part of the series theyre covering ends for a while much like Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. This format isnt necessarily good because it doesnt allow for more time to be spent on animation like a seasonal adaptation does. Take My Hero Academia for example because the anime is seasonal Studio Bones not only has enough time to focus on other series once its done but it also allows for the animation to be in greater production value for when the adaptation is scheduled to air again but with the weekly format it cause tons of problems. Such as the need to outsource to other studios which sometimes could be beneficial and other times end up making the animation look like for lack of better words complete dogshit. Now im not saying the adaptation is completely bad it has its high points but those high points are over shadowed by the amount of low points. The pacing was made to be slower then the mangasi.e the first couple episodesso while the manga would be fast at covering the events the pacing in the anime is often slower and may or may not add filler. One thing i also wont to nitpick is episode 63 which is also the episode where Asta and Ladros fought. The episode was phenomenal in my opinion it had ambition and great animation effort. Where it fell flat however lies within the amount of time they had to work on it the episode was rushed and there were many things unfinished due to the lack of inhouse animators and Yoshihara having to use his special connections to push out a rather ambitious episode the ambitious vision Tatsuya Yoshihara had wasnt able to be completely realized due to pierrots lack of concern for the BC team i dont know if i should phrase it like that but thats how it is just about Pierrot has too much going on right now and in my opinion should switch to a seasonal format for its adaptations rather than long running it helps out with animation effort and production value and quality. It makes sure animators arent overworked and have enough time to work on each episode accordingly and makes sure the manga keeps a good distance from the more recent chapters so we dont get 100+ filler episodes just to finish 1 arc that is a problem that Naruto Shippuden suffered from greatly from during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Now i wont lie this adaptation has a ton of negatives but dont let that deter you from a rather great series it does have its really well animated episodes such as 1 2 4 17 3435 49 63in my opinion 8084 and the more recent 91 that aired today. Is the adaptation bad? It has its downpoints but isnt entirely bad is it good? It takes a while to get used to the bad animation but becomes tolerable once used to it i just want new fans going in with what to expect or to read the manga instead. Hopefully this long ass essay helps any newer fans. Please correct some of my points if any of you find something to be false or disagree with it. Just know that bad animation shouldnt deter any of you from an otherwise good series.
65 /100
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