Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention please Pause watching Fullmetal Alchamist and pause watching SteinsGate. Ive found a remarkable anime thats 10 times better than both shows. Its not even a question anymore of what the greatest anime of all time is. I present to you all the gracious work that is: Uenosan I bet youre thinking What makes this show so special? And boy I could go on for HOURS talking about whats so great about this anime. But youre not here for that. Ill just give you a brief rundown. The characters: This story is original. Weve got the twin tailed tsundere the dense main character and of course the best friend. But what makes that all so special? Easy: Theyre second graders. I mean sure. You COULD just go over to SteinsGate and watch some classic SciFi but why do that when you can watch Uenosan make a portable charger thats energy comes from rubbing her thighs? Thats right you wont find THAT in SteinsGate. And trust me watching a second grade genius tsundere school girl try to forcefully get her crush to drink her piss out of a beaker is WAY more entertaining and not creepy or weird in the slightest. The Plot: By far UenoSan has the BEST plot in anime history. Code Geass? Amature hour is over Sunrise You aint got NOTHING on Lesprits holy creation: Uenosan Need an example? Heres one: The first episode when Ueno creates an AMAZING work of technology that when applied makes the users skirt form some sort of intergalactic portal shit to keep other SECOND GRADE boys from looking up the girls skirts. So whats the best way to test this masterful piece of technology? By letting your good friend and crush Tanaka see up your skirt. But wait theres no risk involved considering the Intergalactic Portal Shit will cover up her entire lower half. Lets make one Hmm lets see here. Ive got it Dont wear underwear Brilliant Shes a SECOND GRADER so its definetly okay. This show keeps getting better and better with every waking second you watch it. And I know youre probably thinking something along the lines of: But arent they SECOND GRADERS? That seems a like its going a little too far. And you know what I have to say to that? Youre a FOOL. Theyre just characters that dont even exist. It is in no way shape or form uncomfortable. At all. I promise you wont be cringing at every second of this masterpiece. The development: Every other anime PALES in comparison to Uenosans character and story development. We get to learn SO much about our characters like when Ueno makes an invention to bring one of her socks to life and our trusty mc Tanaka doesnt want to reverse it to its normal state. He cared too much about it to see Uenos sock die and because of this we got to see a soft side to our main character. And Uenosan? Well we get to learn about ALL the not weird fantasies of her inventions intentions like how she makes an invention so that Tanaka literally EATS her panties in a not weird way. Trust me its not weird. And what other show introduces the main characers siblings on the final episodes? Thats right only Uenosan does which is only further proof that this is the greatest show of all time and all other animes are just lowly insects a part of Uenogods world. Overall: What are you still doing here? Go Watch Uenosan for it will be the createst thing your eyes will ever feast upon. And if youve already joined the cul I mean watched the anime spread the word Jesus became popular through fame and if this show isnt on par with Jesus then everyone should be an Atheist. So now my friends my comrades my followers you must go on your journy. For you will one day be in my shoes spreading the word of our lord and savior. From one weeb to another Uenosan is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest anime to ever be.
100 /100
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