I am very sorry for all of this.

Side Note: I am in no way an Idol fan, this review will be from a "newcomer" to the genre. I watched this last year when I was starting to get into Anime and remembered a few memes of Love Live Sunshine.

Well, there is no real Story more of a Goal instead.
The goal is so make an Idol group as good as the μ'. Apparently there was a few prequels to this showing us the formation of that group as well and from what I'm hearing this version is basically a carbon copy of that one but with a different cast so you know, take that as you will.

Here's a little summary of the event that happen in the show:

  • Chika gets the bright idea of making an Idol group
  • Tries to get people on board
  • Not a lot of people join at first
  • She is DETERMINED to make people join
  • People join
  • They sing
  • Happy times ahead

Love Live Sunshine has 9 MAIN CHARACTERS that is a lot.
Luckily I can sum up most of them together, I will be mentioning the few odd ones tho.

The characters are so god damn happy it hurts, though a lot of them at the start refused to join and were timid. Which got smoothed out later on. There was drama but nothing to significant. There are 2 characters which pop into my memory better than the rest.

Yoshiko Tsushima - She believes she is a demon of some sorts, reason I remember her is cause she breaks the mold and is actually quite unique. She must have watched GabDrop and liked Satania a lot.

Dia Kurosawa - She stands out as well because she was so god damn hesitant to join from her past trauma. Again something to break the mold.

The animation is...well as I said with many other SOL shows, is quite generic. Its smooth when it needs to be but overall isn't anything groundbreaking. The Art style is...very bright. I understand why though, this is supposed to be "Super Fun and Happy Show", I mean even No Game No Life had incredibly bright art style so I guess I can't dig much into this, sadly xd

They do use CG for their perfomances. The CG is, well CG. Not as horrible as Arifureta Dragon Level, this one is actually watchable. Though I do with they would draw it out and make more details since this is the main part of the show.

The music is not bad actually, I enjoy quite a few pieces. The OP is quite catchy. Of course its not something I would listen to without headphones or even on a daily like I do with MYTH & ROID for example but you get the jist, right?

Love Live Sunshine, I can't compare it to the previous ones but I can give my opinion on it as a "New Comer" to this genre.
I understand why people would like this genre and spend their life on it, afterall I also enjoy me some CGDCT/SOL.

The issue I have (apart from not being interested in stories and characters like these) is that when you watch one season you watched all of them, I think this is the main reason why I don't get more into this genre.
After all of the things I heard about S1 of Love Live and even the other Idol Shows I just think to myself "B-But I already watched this." even when I was watching the idol "parody" Zombieland Saga I was like "Damn, the new Love Live season looks sick kek". There is also the fact that I can't really relate to any of the character, most of them are so god damn happy, even in K-On I can relate to the character cause they are all lazy like me xd

42 /100
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