I got to say Black Clover Ep. 93 was awesome. I wish most of the anime would have been like/similar to this but eh Im no the one making the anime. There were other episodes like this tho. I believe the story and the world are really great. The animation is off and on sometimes its really bad and sometimes its really good but for the most part its alright. The visuals are good to me the scenery and character design are good as well. I would say the main problem for me in the entire show is probably the characters themselves. Dont get me wrong they all have good character development but its their usual personality thats offputting especially recently. Asta is like Naruto but annoying and less likable. They have a similar backstory goal and personality but Asta is just a worse version. Asta passes the trials he goes through way too easily. The time he could lost the use of his arms forever by a curse he instantly brightened his personality with no ones help or guidance and claimed that he will never have the thought of giving up again I know this was a deep moment in the manga but in the anime it wasnt and when he awakened his powers and wasnt comsumed by the power because of that same ideology was fitting since he already conquered that never giving up mentality but it was still too easy for that to happen when overcoming a strong presence such as that with mentality but again I dont really know what that presence was for sure. I know Asta went through depression and sense of failure that one time in the beginning when he didnt receive his grimoire yet and he completely gave up but thats the only time he seemed to be completely lost and it was really short. It wasnt enough of time to get the feeling of strong sympathy for him when it lasted less than a day. Yuno is a character whos trying to be cool maybe a Sasuke to a Naruto type of thing but his character development isnt that great and tbh its kind of dull. We havent seen much of his struggles or efforts in getting stronger but when we do see it it looks like he gets instantly more powerful without any signs of how and when the fuck did that happen? Its the same with his desire in becoming the Wizard King which barely shows compared to Asta who explodes with it. Its like Yuno is only the pressure and motivation for Asta to be become the Wizard King and he isnt actually aiming for it or if Asta doent get it hes just the backup. Isnt he suppose to be the second protaganist or was he just the sidekick character whos just a close friend and rival to the MC? Noelle isnt a good tsundere in fact its a bit annoying and lame when she acts like that. Its obvious she likes him I think everyone else knows. but doesnt say anything except the oblivious MC like always. Charlotte is a way better tsundere since she doesnt show she likes Yami that much but you can tell by her actions like the one time at the festival. Even Vanessa could tell she was a rival because of her womanly instincts. The rest of the character are fine some are great but Asta and Yuno have some personality issues that make them notsogreat of a main cast Noelle is just a bad tsundere but she alright besides that.
70 /100
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