If I recall correctly this was one of my first seasonals. I am so god damn glad I picked it up. PREMISE OF THE SHOW: As the name suggests this show is about Girls and Comics. It is a Slice of Life style show. We follow Kaoruko Moeta as she tries to create a Manga her Editor would be proud of because she ranked last on a survey. She is placed in a girl dormitory with other manga creators to help her create and learn about the art of Manga Creation. We get to see our beloved Chaoschan Chaos being her pen name befriend the girls and have a jolly good time. 420https://i.ur.com/f3YdSIy.gif CHARACTERS: We have 4 main characters pretty much all of them are happy and fun. I loved all of them to be honest even Suzu Fuura the spoopy person living in the attic drawing horror manga and scaring Chaoschan. I already mentioned Kaoruko Moeta she is quite small and energetic. Always tries her best to improve and learn. Next up we have Koyume Koizuka she cant draw boys at all. Putting her in an allfemale dorm probably wasnt the best idea to help her with drawing boys but heya. She also cant stop eating sweets. She inhales all of them. Then we have the 2 older folk Ruki Irokawa and Tsubasa Katsuki. Ruki Irokawa is mature she is very caring and loving. Always wanted to draw manga for children to help them but accidently became the star of eromanga due to her ability to draw big anime tiddies. Tsubasa Katsuki is not that mature like Ruki she often plays her characters in real life to get to know them better and come up with ideas. She is calm though despite her nature. 420https://thumbs.gfycat.com/JealousImmaculateHoggetsizerestricted.gif ART/ANIMATION: The art style is great very cute. If I had to say I would say its a bit above average. The colours are very bright which just adds that extra little oomph making this super cute and wholesome. The animation though is average smooth and fluid when it needs to be but overall nothing that spectacular sadly. 420https://i.pin.com/originals/23/d5/7d/23d57d05ed78dc6f2f5274c267689240.gif MUSIC: Oh boy here we go. I just love the OP and ED. Everytime I listen to them I honestly get sad cause I just want more of the show. The OP is so wholesome and cute sounding the ED is very calm and relaxing. I honestly wish for a S2 or atleast English Physical Copies. 420https://pa1.narvii.com/6825/ecef6e28eaf117972d8c8ee09ce7b9681785d5b8hq.gif OVERALL OPINION: Comic Girls is an amazing Slice of Life show filled with many lovable characters and an interesting premise. Even to this day I cant forget all those abababas that Chaoschan had or when Ruki didnt know how to use a computer so Chaos had to teach her the VERY basics of it. I honestly want S2. plz.
96 /100
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