haven't written a review in a long time. However, I felt the need to do so after watching this.

a big fan of P.A works, and have been amazed by some of the things that came out of their studio. However, for Fairy Gone.. I was appalled, as the show felt like a torment to watch past episode 1. Bland characters, bad cgi that they tried to cover up with rock music that eventually became annoying to the ears as well. The show tried to be deep with flashbacks, but in the end I didn't care about anyone in this show and had to drop it like a rock.

Story: it's simply all over the place. Trying to be complicated with flashbacks, location, events only made it messier.

Art the main characters are at least nicely animated. With rich backgrounds as well, giving you the feel of post WW1 era europe. Although not enough to save this wreck from sinking to the bottom of the dirt pile.

Characters some of the blandest characters I've ever encountered. They try to make use of flashbacks to try and flesh out character histories, but for some reason it just does not make me care about the characters at all.

Sound decent enough., but why do they have to insert annoying rock music into almost every fight? Trying to copy Digimon? Nice try though.

Cgi shows the lack of budget with the terrible cgi faeries. You can judge just by watching them in action even on the first episodes, they are just not that good.

Enjoyment almost zero enjoyment beyond the first episode. Perhaps the enjoyment might rise if I watched a few more episodes? But it really felt like a chore to watch, and had to drop. If you like to have monster beast fighting each other, then I recommend you try watching Katsute Kami Datta instead. Katsute is not perfect, and has boring moments of it's own, but it is still more watchable compared to Fairy Gone.

Had high expectations from the show, as I thought it might be another success story for P.A Works. Was sorely disappointed after just two whole episodes.

I do recommend you try it, to see if this anime is good enough for you. This anime had mostly negative reviews on other sites. However, there are still a handful of people who liked it. So again, it won't hurt to try one or two episodes from this thing. Or you could just watch it all the way to end of the first cour, before giving a review.. some people like to finish a show first before giving a final overall opinion. Sadly, I just couldn't stay until episode 3 of the first season of this unfortunate show.

3 /100
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