This review will contain Spoilers for the show!

I mean everyone knows at this point that the Manga was (slightly) better and this adap was piss poor.

The story focuses on Ken Kaneki, a human, who turns into a ghoul due to his boner doing all the thinking during a date and following a girl into a creepy alley way. That girl being Rize, a ghoul, who gets fucking decked and her organs get given to Kaneki. (therefor turning him into a half ghoul).

He now has to live with the fact that he has to feed on Human Meat or he will fucking die. But of course our main hero is too scared and cowardly to do that, I mean I understand, they wanted to show that he still has his humanity left and wants to protect both Ghouls and Humans but I felt like that whole thing went for far too long, there is only so much whining you can do before Survival instincts kick in.

During the middle episode it is revelead that a doctor is actually producing these human ghoul combos, they don't really do much with this though until much late (not included in the first season).

There is also Kaneki having to hide from "The Doves", these lads are basically Ghoul Hunters.

The end parts of this show is what TG is known for, white haired Kaneki. After being tortured Kaneki snaps and unleashes his inner ghoul. I mean the combat is nice and all but after this point Kaneki gets too serious for my liking.

The first season of Tokyo Ghoul doesn't really get into the juicy parts of the series. But you're better off reading the manga since even this was weirdly paced compared to the manga. They didn't skip a lot of the content (they only did that in the later seasons) but still. Not the best experience.

Tokyo Ghoul has a lot of characters, here's a few that are memorable.

Ken Kaneki - The main character, I already mentioned his origin story. At first Kaneki is quite a normal lad, though pretty shy and cowardly I guess is the correct word to use. I didn't mind that to be honest, there are too many shows where the heroes are these extroverted happy machines. I want to relate to a character xd

Touka Kirishima - The opposite of Ken, she is kinda of a tsundere. She likes humans but doesn't say that and gets all worked up when her true feelings are about to be exposed.

Kureo Mado - An insane Dove who will stop at nothing to exterminate a ghoul.

Koutarou Amon - His mentor is Mado. Amon is much more strict and work focused than Mado.

And thats about it. Sorry.

The art style is quite good. I can't really say much else about it, its better than usual stuff we see. The animation is also well made to be honest, the combat scenes are fluid and smooth but apart from that nothing groundbreaking in my opinion.

Now, I'll let you in on a secret. I forgoten the OST for this show. I do remember that the OP is catchy af though.
Probably the most iconic opening right behind AoT.

Tokyo Ghoul (Season 1) has a lot of potential. (though me having read the manga I know that its wasted potential)

They set up the first season quite well but pace it weirdly, the combat was fun when it lasted but its not enough to hook me into watching the rest of the series. Only a handfull of the characters are worth paying attention to, the rest are either annoying or the scum of earth.

62 /100
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