This anime is very beautiful has very intriguing stories like friendship.
It has a full-bodied plot, full of twists, and a graphic sector to say the least good.
The protagonist, Teito Klein, has no memories of his past, but he is often caught by short and blurred flashbacks. From one of these, he understands that his father's murderer is Ayanami, an army general. After trying to attack him, he is locked up in prisons, but Mikage (his best friend) is ready to save him.
The first interesting thing about the plot is the fact that Teito does not remember his past, and that every discovery for him is a twist for the viewer. At first he will only remember short scenes, but with the succession of episodes, his flashbacks will become more impactful.
One thing I found very original is the Zaiphon, which is a power that transforms words into weapons. This is undoubtedly a particular power, but I had some doubts about its usefulness, since it didn't seem to me that it was as strong as everyone says inside the anime. Since Teito has this particular power, he is instructed in the military academy. I really appreciated the design of the latter, although visible for a few episodes. Once escaped from the academy, Teito will be rescued by three bishops, and welcomed into their church.
At the plot level, it's fantastic, but to be honest I preferred the second part of the anime more. In the first, in fact, the plot continues very slowly, and it is mostly fights against the Kor. In the second part, the protagonist changes. Teito, from growing up as a Sklave and having many doubts about himself and others, becomes a person who knows perfectly what he wants. He puts aside hatred, anger and all those feelings that led him to the wrong path. I liked being able to see a protagonist of the genre, and that is that he matures with time, at first mentally weak and with wrong convictions, but that then becomes strong.
The characters represent one of the best points of the anime. These are all very different from each other, both in appearance and temperamentally. One thing I really appreciated is that almost every character has a story behind them. Probably the characters that I appreciated most are Frau, Labrador and Lance, both in terms of design and character. Frau is my favorite without a doubt. I like how the anime manages to make you love each of them.
A recurring theme in "07-Ghost" is faith. Being mostly set in a church, we often talk about God, belief, religion ... but I have to say that this doesn't bother me at all. I've never had a good relationship with religion, but even so I didn't find it at all heavy.
In conclusion, I can say that "07-Ghost" is a wonderful anime, that kept me glued to the screen from beginning to end, and that never disappointed me. If you want to look at something that perfectly communicates the values ​​of friendship and not only, this is what is right for you.
Absolutely recommended

50 /100
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