Then what is your hand for?
Then what is your heart for?

Introspective. Hollow. Haunting.

If I was asked to describe this finale in three words then those would be the three I'd choose. The End of Evangelion is widely recognised as one of fiction's best works, some might even go on to call it a masterpiece and label it as a disturbing narrative regarding the purpose of our existence. Hideaki Anno pulls no punches in this movie, the use of obscure imagery to evoke feelings of doubt and contemplation is pulled off interestingly and it urges you to keep your eyes glued onto the screen in order to discover the meaning behind it all. It surely is a gripping cinematic experience which delves into the pysche of it's audience, challenging their beliefs and extending out a hand which invites them to adopt a different philosophy into their lifestyle. Fight scenes were beautifully unravelled as smooth frames blend into one another to produce scenes which I describe as 'eye candy', they are fulfilling to watch and at the same time they are horrifying. This addition is also a much more a satisfying end to the series than the last two episodes, everything is tied together and all the characters are utilised efficiently.

Ikari Shinji, the protagonist, exists as a projection of Anno's truth. His experiences with existential crises, depression and loneliness exist within this character and through this character he is able to speak his truth. We see Shinji begin to question his existence and why he was put into this environment he wakes up to everyday. What's his true purpose? Why does pain exist? When will it all end? These questions linger and long for an answer, an answer which the viewer themselves will have to discover within the puzzle which is this movie. It's so easy to just to indulge in habits which disconnect you from the reality you live in however escapism isn't always the ideal method to cope with the pain, running away won't change a single thing, this is clearly highlighted in this story. Facing life head on, despite all the obstacle, despite all the questions and doubts, is the only way to move forward. Recognising your state and coming to terms with it will open up doors which initially seemed as if they were locked tight. It's ok to cry, to break into pieces. Vulnerability is key to growth.

As long as you have people who care, life will always be worth living.They need you. You need them. Everything is tumbling down but there's a new beginning amongst the rubble. You just need to find it.

99 /100
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