This review has been updated as of the final chapter. Ill keep most of the original content with a few additions. Get ready for some insanity then depression Chainsaw Man is a...unique experience to say the least. I havent read or watched anything that could easily be compared to this crazy ass series. Ive heard of the authors previous work Fire Punch which people generally say is similar to Chainsaw Man in that its crazy and that no characters are safe. I just know that I was not prepared for the shitshow/masterpiece that is Chainsaw Man. Story 9 Just to summarize the main character become a devilman human with devil powers and ends up being contracted to hunt down other devils. It starts off pretty meh main character has an overly dark and depressing backstory that feels shoehorned in just to set up the plot but it could have used more of the humor seen throughout the series. The series aims for a Ryu Ga Gotoku kind of tone in the story. Theres some ridiculous humor at times intermixed with some depressing and gutwrenching drama. Once you slog through the first couple chapters the story really picks up and becomes interesting. Edit as of Chapter 97: Wow this ended up being way better then I expected in the antagonist department. For those that havent read Chainsawman lets just say the reveal of the main antagonist is fucking awesome. Aside from that this really is a series that seems like it has a lack of focus but everything connects by the final arc flawlessly. One of the first scenes directly connects with the ending and it actually felt planned not just thrown in. I dont think Ive read a series that has set up and followed through as well as Chainsawman has. If something seems irrelevant its probably not even extremely minor moments early on. Visuals 8.5 500 The Good: The author clearly has skill with art especially when it comes to drawing monsters and nonhumans. Any fight scene that involve Denji tends to look amazing. Whenever hes in his chainsaw form he looks fantastic. Even the minor characters that arent human look fantastic. However... 500 The Bad: Most Some of the human characters look pretty crap at times. Not to say that they never look good but I feel like if this wasnt a weekly manga the nonDenjiChainsaw Man art would be much better. Earlier on Denji in his human form or my boy Aki as shown above look like theyve taken a few hits of acid sometimes. The art definitely improves over the course of the manga and the bad art almost lends itself to the series in a way thats hard to explain. Makima especially is drawn in a way where she looks unnerving most of the time despite generally having a basic design eyes aside. Its clear Fujimotos extremely skilled but he doesnt seem to have the time to make every panel look as good as Denji looks in Chainsaw form. It aint Berserk but the art is really good now. Some characters can still have derpy faces but its overall better. Characters 10 This is where the series really shines and in some pretty unexpected ways. Lets start with the main character Denji. He has an ultra dark backstory that leads to him becoming the Chainsaw Man. Despite his woes he only has one goal: he wants to grab himself some titties. Ive never followed a serious series where the main characters ultimate goal is so simple its kind of amazing. Hes not some idealistic good person hes kind of an ass and selfish. Thats what makes him so fun to follow though he just gives zero fucks unless boobs are involved then hes game. As for the side characters some are compelling such as Aki and Himeno and others are incredibly interesting like Makima. Not able to say much more on them without dipping into spoilers. I do like how most of the characters are not good people theyre all generally asshats in some way with very few exceptions. Then again morally good characters probably wouldnt be suited to this series and devil hunting so it makes sense. People love series like Attack on Titan or The Walking Dead because they say that no one is safe in those series anyone can die at any time. Chainsaw Man clearly ploughs these series in this aspect. This series is ruthless many characters that are developed and seem important are killed off without hesitation. With so few chapters I still got attached to these characters and they left an impact when they were killed off. Very few series do this and even fewer pull this off well Chainsaw Man succeeds at this ruthlessness. Enjoyment 10 This series is amazing. Something that starts out as a seemingly raunchy dark comedy slowly progresses into one of the best dramas Ive read in a while. Its got likeable characters and some great humor. Id love to see this animated I think it would work even better as an anime. Cmon MAPPA you doin us proud with Jujutsu Kaisen keep it up and make the Chainsawman anime glorious Originally in my review I thought the author was stumbling and having issues. As it progressed though I realized he knew what he was doing the entire time or it sure seemed like it. The author found his groove and I feel like an ass for doubting him. The madlad has done things I could never dream of and this series has become an instant classic for me. I personally give it a 100 but for objectivity Ill knock off a few points for the final arcs pacing and some of the art being meh. I highly recommend this series for people who like wacky but deep and depressing stories.
98 /100
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