People often ask me whats a good manga I should read? to which I reply theres this littleknown series called Dragon Ball and at this point theyre probably bashing their skulls in because of how often I recommend it. But heres the thing: I have literally never been wrong. Now before reading this review you guys should also know that I have never said anything smart in my entire life. And if you have a problem with that theres the door sweetie. not a real door sorry but I thought it would be funny to say If I had to break down the appeal of Dragon swoons Ball Id say the two things it does best just good cartooning and emotion. If I went back in time and killed Akira Toriyama you bet your favorite shounen manga would either not exist or suck major ass. On a technical level its nearly perfect at least up until like Namek. Great cartooning for example Goku punches Yamcha so hard that he bounces off the panel border. Genius. great character designs wellchoreographed fight scenes and paced in such a way that I was compelled to read like 30 chapters a day. You know what didnt make me want to read 30 chapters a day? To Kill a Mockingbird. I rip on a lot other manga for making their pages way too crowded with word balloons or motion lines or absolutely butchering the art with screen tones but Toriyama seems to put in the perfect amount of detail to carry a scene. This series is very hype reader. Theres a part here where Vegeta hated himself so much it made him a Super Saiyan and he asked an android if it could feel fear and then he stomped him. Thats wayyyy better than any other experience with selfloathing I can think of Theres another part in this thing where Gohan shows up and kicks Boos ass while he calls him a sissy. SPOILERS but when Cell stomps Android 16s head and Gohan realizes that he has to resort to violence even though hes a gentle boy at heart because he needs to stop The Most Evil Guy Ever from killing everybody and the world I get really emotional And then It gets even heavier when Goku dies to save Gohan because he has so much faith in his boy and then he pep talks him into atomizing an evil bug man. sniffs You know what doesnt get me sniffling or feeling really any emotion? Anohana Pshaw Final Score: Nothing is perfect so I gotta give Dragon Ball a 99/100.
99 /100
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