This is the postseason OVA for the anime Red Garden and its important that you watch the original or you wont understand any of the jokes. The original work is about five girls from a high class high school who died as the result of a feud between two magical families in present day New York City. The girls are of widely differing characters: working class Rose partygoing fashionista Rachel tough young Claire and straightlaced honors student Kate. They get resurrected and forced to fight for one of the families who are all women killing the monsters that the other family all men periodically turn into. In a final battle they destroy both families and die themselves only to wake up immortal but without memories of who they are or how they got there. Thats not what this OVA is about. Its about what happened afterwards. Long afterwards. It takes place hundreds of years in the future they mention that 300 years earlier they were partying in Osaka. There are flying cars. The supporting characters are all future versions of the ones from the series the two policemen are still on patrol the same guy runs the hamburger stand. We have just spent 22 episodes establishing the characters and now we can have fun playing off of them. They are all still biologically 17 even though they are chronologically and emotionally much older. Rose is more assertive almost matronly and keeps strict control over the other students in the high class New York school that they are enrolled in after all one has to do something to pass the time right?. Fashionista Rachel is now a bit of a slob showers are so much trouble. Claire is still driving the same old car and is a bit of an inventor. Because their actual age is much greater than their apparent age their private lifestyles are more mature than their classmates. They fight crime using flying skateboards and other advanced technology while singing extremely poorly a song set to the music that plays for the setup screen. They make bets on who can seduce the new transfer student. Claire builds a sexy female gundam style mech actually it looks more like something from an Indonesian puppet play one that ends up face down in the flowers of the Red Garden with its bare backside in the air. Kate less changed than the others manages to shock them all at the very end by . I liked it much better than I liked the original. The original had all sorts of plot holes and required a lot of suspensions of disbelief. Id gladly watch a 12 episode anime built around this concept.
95 /100
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