This review will contain Spoilers for the show An amazing season animation and story wise. This is where things get real good. SPOILER AHEAD STORY: This season focuses on learning the secrets of the monarchy that rules over the area within the walls. All of the secrets hidden from us and even the citizens inside the show are all coming loose. This season was honestly so good my 2nd favourite to be honest. The way they handled the story and the animation was phenomenal. A lot of things happen this season we dont get to see a lot of Titan fighting but thats because we know that the real enemy is other people. The Kenny squad is equipped with shotguns with what seems to be updated version of the maneuver gear built into them. This adds such a new and great dynamic into the combat scenes. After all of the amazing fighting between the Survery Corps and Kenny Squad we are greeted with the Royal Family The Reiss Family. They are the true kings of the world. Meaning that Krista which we learned her real name is Historia Reiss is the true queen of the world that is after defeating her angered dad. I said angered because she refused to take part in the ceremony of injecting the fluid and eating the carrier of the Titan Eren has she saved him and therefor her father sucked up the juices of the Titan on the floor and became the biggest Titan we have seen. Near the end of the season we are greeted with Keith the lad who was training Eren and the rest in Season 1. He knows more than he leads on to. He wanted to protect Eren thats why Erens gear didnt work during the test in Season 1. I honestly loved all of that all of the little plot twists which seemed like nothing important at first but then built up gradually to unveil such a massive story. This season originally was supposed to be two cour but the second part was delayed which yes at the time I was really impatient and wanted the second half now I am glad they took their time cause Part 2 is 10000x more intense. Get Excited 420 CHARACTERS: The characters matured quite a lot during the span of the season. Not only that their appearance changed slightly but also their lil quirks. Of course they still are the same ol characters we fell in love with in Season 1 but they are much more serious now. I wont be talking much about the already existing characters such as Levi and Mikasa but instead will be focusing on the new major ones I also already talked about the changes that happened to Keith and Krista in the previous section so I wont go over them again here. Sorry lads. First up is Kenny. He is the one who took care of Levi when he was younger. His fighting style is similar that to Levis go figure. His character seems much more playful I suppose though he is quite serious about his job which is to eliminate the Survey Corps. He also knows quite a few secrets from the past about the Royal Blood. Flagel Reeves he is the son of Dimo Reeves. After the assassination of his father due to the betrayal. Flegel has been huge help to Survery Corps with not only getting their plans to go smoothly but also few other things. We also get a lil sneek peek at the back story of Grisha the father of Eren. 420 ART/ANIMATION: The animation of the previous two seasons was great but this season takes it up to 11. The smooth motions between each frame and each movement in combat is so well done that I honestly rewatched each and every one of these scenes hundreds of times. My favourite scene out of this whole season has to be the one near the start the chase between Levi and Kenny Squad. The art style also got a new coat of paint it looks much more realisticish which is also a nice change it adds to the combat just that much more due to the detail. 420 MUSIC: Shingeki no Kyojin has an amazing OST everytime this goes without saying. This Season is no different the intense music during the all scale fights were adrenaline inducing the calm tracks which appeared in the resting areas of the show where amazing at getting that adrenaline out and make you calm before it kicked you in the gut with more fights so well done it should be a crime. 420 OVERALL OPINION: Season 3 Part 1 is amazing not only the animation and OST but also the story. All of the lies and facades are crumbling down from the old kings the truth is being exposed to everyone. I honestly had so many moments during this season where I had to pause and appreciate the amazing writing of this series. Part 2 tho oh lawd. That just takes it up to another level. Get Excited
96 /100
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