I could learn a lot before times eat me. I could learn anthropology Russian culture or atheism. There is so much time before this world comes to an end. There are so many things I could do besides staring directly at the wall. I could create works of art learn about abstract art and postmodernism ideology. Instead I spent my times with this show. This was one of my guilty pleasures anime. I remember I had an obsession with this one. And for some reason I fell in love with this anime. To clarify its magnificent. Imagine all you can get in this world the rabbit hole the deepest rabbit hole ever. You found the worst one but theres more. You dive deeper but you find the worst. It happens and happens again you have arrived in this anime. If you dont know I can explain it with one of each word. Okay here we go: school? Pussy protagonist? Unnecessary fanservice? Unnecessary romance? Females involve the protagonist easily? Unnecessary supporting male character? Unique superpower that leads to one of the most powerful? Misunderstanding moment? The power of love? Yes yes and yes. Absolute Duo is well a work of art. Its a static art and it respects any of the literary works in any medium. Its one of the most ambiguous works you cant learn it even for decades or centuries. If you think a work of fanfiction from the internet you are wrong. The story of this show is just a flat. It seems like its much longer and deeper than any show. The universe of this show set in a kindsof dystopian future. Its a story where teens and their abilities allow them to create a sense of vulnerability. As for the premise its about the protagonist against the world faction government or whatever. Dont forget you also get enough backstory about the protagonist not other supporting characters. Yet is this also one of the anime where the second season needs to exist? I dont know if I am but is there a fan out there waiting for the second season of this show? There are thousands of questions coming straight into my head. I cant answer one by one. When I managed to answer one question there is another one comes into my mind. Wait is this supposed to be a psychological anime? Does this show tell about a cycle of life? Its constantly spinning so we know how our fate is at the end of the tunnel. Yeah it was. The artwork is solid and flat badly. Its like a patch from a lot of beta characters in a video game. Certainly I can describe it in one way. Take one example in Kill la Kill when one character avoids uniquely an enemy projectile. One character transforms into a 2D cardboard selfaware to the anime because its a cartoon I mean anime. Its a metajoke and intended for puns only. Thats the explanation I can. Instead the design characters are just joking with so much lack of color. There is no passion expression and gesture to that except the generic action sequence. You could take as many cliches as in this anime. You could take everything but dont know how to execute it attractively. I mean if it couldnt be more interesting at least is there. It doesnt work in so many ways doesnt work in the romance genre action supernatural harem whatever. Absolute Duo isnt absolute garbage but its a wrecking ball it comes right in the rabbit hole. Above all its a learning and a quick mistake of how anime is a part of an entertainment. A quick impression of how far we can go from here.
40 /100
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