What caught my attention is that this series is characterized by being so pure, with touches of comedy.

There is also the mc, Eiji, a boy who seems rebellious at the first but is not.
He is kind and innocent too, just like everyone else. I liked him

Both characters, those who support the series, Nanako and Eiji have a story. Eiji is a boy who wants to be socially accepted and like Nanako, he would like to make more friends although he does not know exactly how, there appeared more people in the series, who each had their role.

Kino Yakobe is a white-haired girl who does not communicate in the same way as Nanako but uses adorable drawings to spread how she feels at the time. Very cute. Kooto Otsuki, Eiji's older sister, is a girl who cares about her brother and often meddles in what he does, but to see if everything goes well with Nanako, the club president (Amane Katagiri) does the same, they both stalk them because they believe what would make a good couple
There are secondary characters that I also found very adorable and especially that black-haired girl, her design was very cool.
her name is Tao Hanakai, I would like to know more about her

Finally Nanako Yukishiro is simply adorable. Every time she smiled I found her adorable as well as her way of being, so well behaved and friendly to the rest, although at the same time shy as she doesn't speak much by herself. Is a lovely girl who writes through senryu,
take a brush and write on a vertical sheet, that's her way of communicating normally.
Her innocence was what made her a character so dear to everyone who watched the anime

I like the way everyone does cute things tho.

The fact that writing is so simple but good at the same time is also surprising. The art style is simply cute. I can't say anymore
It is an anime that can purify your soul with every short chapter that you are going to see, because as I mentioned, it is a simply adorable story that lacks many positive points.

I can't say exactly anything bad about this anime, it has been very good. If you get bored and when you get home you want to see something short that makes you feel comforted here you have a good example of what you are looking for :)

80 /100
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