Worst manga Ive ever read. Ogure Ito seems unable of keeping his story in one subject and wants to cram as many subjects as poorly as possible. The same thing happened to Tenjo Tenge and kept me from reading it all the way through. Unfortunately I still managed to go pretty far in this one but as I plan to explore in therapy in the years to come this might be caused by a deep hatred towards myself. Extremely sexualized female characters mostly undimensional what started as a nice extreme sports manga all of a sudden theres international espionage conspiracy scifi whatever you want. Its an all you can eat buffet of very bad food. The last straw for me was when the seriously do yourself a favor go do any other thing other than reading this. Or read it and then join me in therapy. It sure showed me how much work I have to do with myself to be able to forgive me and not punish me with stuff like this ever again. Ito should really go back to writing hentai. Judging by how sexualized his female characters are by his completely disregard about a coherent story and his ammount of fan service thats where he feels most at home. Or he could let someone else take the screewriting part of his stories and focus on the art cause thats another sad thing is: his art is great. He draws really really well and can create very compelling action scenes too bad this is the only redeeming quality of this junk and this quality is way too little to save a nearly 400 chapter long manga. No ammount of selfhatred should put you through this. Trust me. You will thank me later if you never even open the first chapter of this crap. I just wish I could take back all the time I lost while reading through it. It was the only time in my whole life I stopped something halfway through and had to vent to a friend about how bad it was.
1 /100
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