Previously Yami Shibai. Seventh season. The seventh season of Yami Shibai. There have been seven whole complete seasons of Yami Shibai. ...And including this season Ive now reviewed three of them. 500 Why The futility and insanity of doing a third Yami Shibai review is not lost on me. Like what more can I possibly say about ICLA and their... their spooky ??? shenanigans? 440 440 Either you like them or dont and even if you dont you might still choose to cling to them because the landscape of horror anime is a fucking desolate wasteland and you have to cling to what little you can get. Especially when it comes to horror series where the goal is... is to be scary. I mean backing up I suppose I should first be honest and disclose the information that Ive started writing this review eight episodes in. I have absolutely no confidence that theres going to be anything worthwhile in the remaining five episodes that have yet aired at the moment of writing this. 440 Yami Shibai 5 was a fucking catastrophe but then Yami Shibai 6 came along and Im on the record genuinely saying oh hey this was almost okay for. Yami Shibai 7 is a real... a real return to form. 440 440 I think its fair to say at this point that any times Yami Shibai has a good episode beyond like season three that its a complete fluke. If there was any competition whatsoever I dont think wed have made it to seven seasons of this. 440 But this is really the only horror anthology series I have out of anime. There was the Junji Ito Collection of course but that had fairly cheapish looking animation and of course... no season two. I cant even think of a single series marked as horror that has made it to a season two out of the last couple of years. Yet Yami Shibai is up to seven. 440 440 And as long as ICLA remains afloat I think were just gonna keep going. Because you know they just... they just dont have anything else Typically for a negative Yami Shibai/ICLA show Id go through all of the episodes but... Unlike Yami Shibai 5 theres not really an abundance of interestingly terrible episodes. As a matter of fact there was an episode in 7 where I thought I was experiencing a stroke because I could have sworn one of the episodes was just a straight up repeat of an episode from a previous season. 440 It just turned out though that only the setting was the same. The episode in question from Yami Shibai 5 was an episode about a phone booth where you can make calls to curse people. 440 The phone booth episode in Yami Shibai 7 is instead about the phone booth itself. Phone booths are such a good spooky thing but in the age of cell phones theyre not really much of a thing anymore. So what about a killer phone booth that EATS CELL PHONES??? But also you because of course it wouldnt be scary if it just killed cell phones. 440 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ...There was also that episode about Amazon deliveries where through box after box a corpse got delivered. That was a pretty cool one. 440 440 I mean that of course going by Yami Shibai standards. Because someone probably just went oh hey I get a lot of Amazon deliveries what if we do an episode about a delivery man? Then the crowning jewel of the entire season was of course the final episode where the entire episode took place from the perspective of the family refrigerator. 440 I know that entire previous line just reeks of sarcasm but I genuinely mean that was both the best and most interesting episode of the entire season. You have the refrigerator innocently and naively reacting to the family devolving and falling apart. 440 And at the end I couldnt even tell what the take away was. Did the family kill the abusive father and fill the fridge up with his cut up corpse or... what was the deal with the ghost kid? Like I noticed that he wasnt changing through the timelapses and then the episode just straight up said it so like did the father kill the kid or what? And the kid became the fridge...? But that doesnt make any sense because why would the fridge see the kid then...? 440 But you know apart from those three episodes the rest are... pretty much just shit. Like oh an otaku brother crawled underneath of his sisters bed to get his manga back but then a ghost showed up and does a very unscarily runs across the room as a shadow... multiple times... and way too slow to be even remotely startling... 440 440 440 Oh theres that episode where like theres an annoying old man who wont shut up about the TV being too loud and threatens his neighbor that hell get the landlord to evict him. So when the old man starts coughing horribly the guy has a chance to call an ambulance for him and actually just chooses to ignore the old man. 440 440 Of course the old man dies and flies through the wall screaming YOUR GODDAMNED TV IS TOO LOUD but he should instead be focused on the fact that his neighbor just purposely let him die. Him choosing to instead continue harping on him about the TV volume strips any sort of sympathy away from him. Like really? Youre still gonna go on about the TV? 440 They do a doll episode... mannequins... spooky woman spooky hotel spooky art exhibit spooky elevator ride with a serial killer thats being haunted spooky woman again... I think thats about it. 440 440 440 Conclusion 440 I guess Ill praise them for being wise about saving the best idea to come out of this season for the very last episode but I dont know. it probably says something about your series when your best episode is from the perspective of a fridge 440 I think Im really running on E for Yami Shibai. I mean Im sure some will say that this season isnt even that much different from the other ones but... it really just seemed like one of the worst to me. Five was just a big ol lovable bundle of insanity that drew quite a lot of laughter out of me. Six was again in my eyes almost okay. Seven for the most part was just... snoresville. And it really bums me out. If ICLA would just put some more effort creativity or money into Yami Shibai or at the very least had the voice actors sound just a bit more convincingly scared... Id happily praise Yami Shibai for being the one horror series to just keep returning and chugging along amidst a wasteland. Instead Im just giving yet another season a low score. A 2.5 out of 10 or 25 out of 100. 500 ...Oshimai.
25 /100
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