Have you ever thought what it would be like if you took all of the weird fetishes you could find and mashed them all into one story? Well fret not since someone else already snatched up that brilliant idea and turned it into this masterpiece. Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka is a story about a man on a quest. A quest to find his one and only Cinderella except the only clue he has to go off of is a pair of fresh white panties. He has a short list of potential suspects to start off with: a busty beauty senpai a loli kouhai a tsundere childhood friend and his sister. Now on paper this seems like a really generic romcom but thats where the twist comes in. Each one of them has some massive kink that they cant control and the center of all their desires is of course our MC. I would really love to spoil what all of the kinks are but that would probably take away from the exciting roller coaster that is this story. Each chapter is spent moving the plot slightly forward in small steps getting to know each one of the girls and highlighting some of the juicy interactions between them and the main character. Now despite everything that this manga embodies its actually not the worse. There is actually a plot to follow and the characters arent the worst written. They have a little bit of backstory infused and each has a decent reason for why they want the main character. The comedy style is pretty enjoyable too. Its primarily tsukkomi which is pretty much one person saying something outrageous only for the other person to point out how unreasonable that is. Kinda like Seitokai Yakuindomo if youve read that. Its weird since this manga is one that doesnt take itself too seriously but also doesnt just give into the deep well of plain fanservice it so easily could. It knows when to give its fanservice when to use its comedy when to actually build plot and when to develop character. Its a wild experience that will leave you confused in more ways than one. Overall this is one saucy and raunchy manga that can actually hold a plot a lot better than youd expect from the description alone. Its characters are decent the MC is fairly likeable the comedy isnt trash theres fanservice like youd expect and so on. Man I really didnt want this to be this legitimate of a review but thats just how not totally trash this series is if that counts for anything.
70 /100
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