Sometimes we inexplicably watch awful shows. Why we watch them or how isnt relevant we just sit down and do it. And sometimes we come across shows that are so offensively awful that we sit down and wonder what was even the point or shows that are so blatantly offensive that we have no clue why would anyone in their rightmind derive any kind of enjoyment from them. Before moving further I need to stress out something if you liked Mirai Nikki then that does not necessarily mean you will like this show. I am no fan of Mirai Nikki but for what its worth it was at least colorful and entertaining enough to watch all the way to the end. Also if you were looking for a quick answer as to whether or not a show is worth watching heres one this is only worth watching for all the wrong reasons aka the so bad its good rule. Big Order isnt colorful but it certainly is entertaining for a wide variety of reasons. For one the story is complete and utter garbage. Ive never seen a story constantly break rules literally minutes after making them then make even more rules to attempt to cover that up...and fail miserably. Not only that but the characters actions in comparison to what is actually going on makes no sense the more you think about it this story more or less reeks of the feeling that the writer was making up the story as she rolled with it rather than any particular thought that was put into the script. Oh and let us not forget the dialogue. It largely consists of our main character screaming SENA and Sena screaming EIJI or more infamously ONIICHAN in a manner that would put most hentai doujins to shame as well as its various dumb attempts at drama. Speaking of drama have I mentioned how absolutely retarded some of these character powers are? A girl that gets pregnant if a guy touches her? The main character basically having what feels like the combination of the Geass power from Code Geass and a Stand from Jojo without half the thought that went into either? The main pseudoheroine and I refer to her a pseudoheroine because the main heroine is clearly SENAAAAAAAAAAAA being immortal? The list goes on and on but to put it simply these powers feel like they were slapped together without the slightest shred of thought as to how they would affect the immersion of the story. But no power is as immersion breaking as Eijis ability to control territory seriously this power is so broken that it ruins all immersion that the story would have because theres no feeling of tension since we the viewers always know that hell come out on top. That and its dumb excuse of...nationalism? Seriously why would a council of totally generic villains want to control the world again? Thematically speaking this show is broken...because I actually have no point what its about even after all is said and done. The script takes influence from a lot of works like I said earlier ranging from Code Geass to Jojo to Evangelion to elements from the writers earlier work Mirai Nikki. But NOTHING works at some point we have the nationalist themes from Code Geass then another where it has Stands like Jojo and then the last bits of the show go fullon End of Evangelion on everyone for no reason. COPYING AND PASTING PARTS OF SCRIPTS FROM OTHER WORKS DOES NOT WORK. The characters are horrible. Im referring to each and every single last one of them by the way at least in Mirai Nikki the entire cast was colorful if exaggerated to hell and back and I even had a couple of characters I liked. Here? Not a single one. That being said theyre all entertaining to watch...because theyre all bloody idiots. Eiji couldve probably won the entire time if certain circumstances and information was given to him at the beginning and the fact he WASNT given said information makes no sense. NotYuno I cant even remember her name shes that irrelevant is basically Yuno only not as entertainingly crazy and more of the entertainingly random if only because her characterization makes no sense and she acts like an idiot who also happens to like the guy who mightve murdered everyone and caused an apocalypse only to seduce him on numerous occasions then go yandere then go back again you see where Im going with this? Sena is...well discussing her would spoil the whole show but I only have two words: Oniichan. Artwork is more or less the same style as Mirai Nikki which is OK I guess. What is not OK is the absolutely atrocious animation quality which has absolutely horrid use of CGI throughout the show lots of still frames and repeated shots little to no movement for most of the show and incredibly annoying looking dark shading that feels like the whole show is trying to be darker than it actually is. Soundtrack is equally horrible voiceacting is bad and all in all I do not recommend this show... ...But wait I do. I recommend this show. This show is entertainingly bad in ways that I didnt think humanly possible. Its the very definition of...well not a trainwreck since you actually need to have a train moving properly to go wrong. This is complete and utter chaos and the sheer combination of all of said elements make for an incredibly entertaining watch especially if with friends or drunk...though the sheer awfulness of this show may straight up make you want to kill yourself if you get depressed while drinking. Actually maybe just skip the drinking part I dont want blood on my hands. Everyone else? Stay as far away as humanly possible.
20 /100
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