Revenge Classroom is exactly the same thing youve probably seen in many other typical edgy works lots of gore shock factor dumb characters and ridiculous plot twists that make no sense. What truly makes it work is...absolutely nothing actually I have no real idea why anyone would like this. The story is basically the main character taking revenge on everyone in her class because...reasons. Like sure quite a few of the characters are despicable and by despicable I mean thats their only personality trait but she basically sets out to murder everyone including bystanders and even people who may have helped her in the past. What truly baffles me is the LOGIC. She has no reason why shes hurting a good portion of the people shes hurting and she feels little guilt about her actions. Her motives are basic but somehow has no problem being every bit as bad as the bullies who murdered her. Actually I dont think any of her bullies murdered someone so shes actually worse than they are. Shes extremely selfcentered and bitchy refusing to be sympathetic to other people and their issues instead preferring to view the world through her shallow and extremely narrow mindset. I cant think of any reason why any sane person would sympathize with her. The sad part is that the manga portrays everyone who opposes her as though theyre evil savage people who were supposed to despise rather than our main character not realizing that you know theyre human beings with their own set of issues. And yes some of our victims are simply people our main character didnt try to understand then put the blame on them. It makes absolutely no sense. The other characters can literally be described with one line the seemingly perfect class rep whos not so perfect the dude who acts tough and turns out to be a coward the clingy calling yuri undertones folks friend who helps her out and so on. All of their traits are taken to extremes but thats all thats memorable about them. In fact I marathoned all 14 chapters available at the time of this writing less than 15 minutes ago and I cant even remember their names. Yes theyre so forgettable that you remember their deaths/getting bullied more than their actual personalities. Im not kidding. Can I mention how almost everything that happens in this manga is so overblown and ridiculous that it removes reader engagement completely? Seriously the characters here need to chill the hell out and stop overreacting to everything. Nothing is portrayed in a morally gray subtle way and everything is dimensional and bland hoping that we the readers will fall for this. The manga also has a bizarre habit of making itself seem way more intelligent than it actually is. First couple of chapters for example the main character apparently planned some elaborate revenge for two whole months and that revenge involved putting a letter in a delinquents bicycle to beat up another delinquent. Yes its just as anticlimactic as I just described it. Artwork looks alright nothing to really write home about but nothing too exceptional. So pretty average. Overall if you enjoy stupid selfcentered leads who refuse to sympathize with others and see the world through one perspective and refuse to budge on that or care about anything other than herself as well as ridiculously simplistic strategies edginess so over the top that it makes Akame ga Kill look subtle then I can safely say that this manga is for you. Unless you enjoy intentionally reading bad manga like I do please stay away.
20 /100
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