Oh boy, we’ll everyone I’m pretty bummed out now tbh. My adventures and memories of Konosuba have been the best and most hilarious ones I’ve had in a WHILE. I went into this anime originally thinking “Okay, finally a popular isekai that looks like it has a pretty decent story and lovable characters........” BOI was I wrong. This lighthearted and happy-go-lucky anime had me laughing constantly with each episode I watched! I didn’t even care whether the main storyline was progressing or not, because each day for them was an adventure in itself. I was constantly falling more in love with Megumin.....cough.......I mean, the characters. Yeah, definitely meant to say I was falling in love with these characters and each of their own unique flaws that made them funny to watch. Enough of what I thought though, let’s get into the critical review! Here’s my final thoughts of Konosuba!

Art and Animation: 9.5/10

  • From the graphics of a glorious EXPLOOOOOSION to the crisp and refreshing art style of the characters, Konosuba deserves this score due to its sheer brilliance in this simple, yet enjoyable art style. Even the fighting scenes and animations were very smooth, with little to no choppy frames.

Soundtrack and Audio: 8.8/10

  • A higher than average soundtrack and OST had helped in giving this anime a high score in this department. Even the voice actors had fit well with their perspective characters, save for a few odd moments when someone would side-talk when addressed by someone. It didn’t really appeal to me and it definitely didn’t fit the situation most of the time, just felt like the character was just saying “Yes, that’s my name.” over and over again just for the sake of saying it. Unfortunately it got very stale VERY quickly, despite its wanting to be humorous.

Storyline and Character Progression: 8.5

  • This is where I had the hardest time CRITICALLY rating Konosuba. While I personally loved this anime with all my heart, the storyline itself is very cliched and is the same old plot we’ve all seen and heard of, ESPECIALLY with isekai. Due to its generic storyline and about average events and scenarios, it did about average for Storyline. As far as character progression though, there isn’t really much. Yes, we learn a few new things about who someone REALLY is or what they may be fully capable of, but we don’t see any progress when it comes down to their mission to defeat the Devil King. While each character is lovable and are a joy to watch, no real progression is made due to this anime’s focus on comedy and action. Unfortunately, the score isn’t as high as I’d want it to be because of its limits.

So there you have it! After a lot of thinking and debating with myself (over who’s best girl) I finally got the overall rating of......


It took a lot of self control to remain unbiased on this one because I REALLY enjoyed it and wanted to give it a higher score, but I had to take it at face value and look at it as something that someone else may want to watch earnestly. So if you’re thinking of picking up some light comedy anime or just what to see some GOOD isekai for once, Konosuba has you covered. Just be ready to handle the hilarious situations Kazuma will find himself in, and be ready to accept the fact that Megumin IS the best girl. Hope you enjoyed this review and I’ll see y’all in the next one!

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89 /100
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