Tsuritama what an odd quirky name for an oddly quirky show truly fitting for an anime like this. How did I discover it? Well thats a good question it happened to be the off chance that I was browsing anime featuring Turbans and I came across a photo with Akira Agarkar doing the yoga pose. Yeah its as strange as it sounds. Dont ask. Ive never got into fishing nor am I really fond of the concept. After watching Tsuritama it got me thinking this is actually a genius idea for this kind of show. Mind you a fishing anime sounds odd in concept but it works here to build a sense of friendship and comradery. Yuki Sanada moves to a new town with his grandma and just cant seem to adjust to his school life. Yuki has no friends and finds its difficult to open up to others without being extremely awkward. After an alien visits his house claiming it as his own things take a turn for the crazy. Yuki is tasked with capturing one of the rarest types of fish so that his alien friend can finally return to space. Along Yukis fishing journey he meets some people along the way who not only help him catch fish and friendship. Eventually these small gettogethers soon develop into something more than a pastime but an experience of a lifetime. Tsuritama is one bright happy show full of life and colour. This is the way it should be. I wouldnt have this show any other way than it is already. It doesnt really require a lot of flashy animations in order to appeal to everyone. All the scenery is relaxing to look at and I felt a wave of nostalgia with each passing episode. Its perfect because its a standout art style thats not really typical of A1s portfolio. The characters make Tsuritama and they should with good reason. I dont think there was a moment in the show where I was like this shouldnt be like this cause there was no hook in the story or I didnt find the characters to be very funny or inspiring taking a jab at thatanimesnob who critiqued these things hes an asshat who needs to be sent to a mental institution. Before I get any more sidetracked Tsuritama always had me smiling every moment. I let the show take me on this wonderful journey with these characters namely Akira Agarkar who is one of my favourites. Tsuritama is the definition of a good time. So many moments you feel warm on the inside because its just such a joy to watch including the opening and ending. Its the perfect summer show even though it takes place during the school year. Everything about Tsuritama just shows you that its okay to have fun even if its not zany or offthewalls. It might be silly but its in no way stupid. Theres something peculiar about Tsuritama that will make you chuckle because the territory feels so familiar yet youve never watched this kind of show before. It is a story about friendship and it is a show that still lies somewhere as being the goto show when I want to just sit back and reflect on something. Watch Tsuritama during a weekend or when youre feeling down. Do it because I can guarantee this show will cheer you up when your not exactly feeling 100. Maybe you might be lonely angry or depressed but dont worry because Tsuritama is the kind of show to bring you back up. I can give you my word that Tsuritama will most certainly make you feel worth once you give it a watch through its sense of warm familiarity.
90 /100
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