Pharell has come up with some annoyingly catchy songs that get stuck in your head the first one being his own hit Happy and of course Daft Punks Get Lucky but this time hes back again at it and released a music video featuring...ahem young anime girls let me rephrase that. ONE anime girl that he is trying to impress and in this case it has to be the youngest looking but lets not get into that. Basically what it boils down to is a journey of somesort where everyone is celebrating summer the first moment then the next they are riding a dolphin spaceship dont ask. Anyway the whole premise combines a whole bunch of elements from video games and of course anime. It girl is less about the rhythm and its more about how hypnotic and nostalgic it feels to the point where you could just fall asleep to it. Your gonna be caught in a trance watching the video similar to what youll experience by watching Hypno toad. Now there are no characters other than a couple stereotypical/generic anime girls that are featured in lets say dating sims or visual novels or whatever so they really have no personality other than to be more or less fanservice to the Western Audience. Allinall the video was enjoyable but thats not where it gets good the comment section is probably the best part of the whole video. Alright so let me say that Ive never ever seen so much frustration on a video before the comment section of this video makes Console Wars and PC Master race remarks look like compliments in comparison to what I looked through. Let me give you a few classic examples of whats been said in the video some of them will be funny others might be seriously frustrating or entertainingbrace yourself... Guys This is obviously a Chinese cartoon. People who enjoy watching anime are pure scum and perverted. Dude youre ruining anime for people. STOP. IT. I ALREADY AM NOT WATCHING AS MUCH ANIME AND YOU ARE NOT HELPING ME. This is actually disgusting. And please STOP with the how do you know its an underage girl Well shes the only one thats flatchested with fucking pigtails and super short which are basically trademarks for preteens. This is gross and I dont see how anyone can support it. Ewww. Blatant satanic symbolism and pedophilia promotion and this shit got 34K likes. Those are obviously young girls in the video. Anime sucks and all you weebs need to get life lol I cant believe my favorite artist became a weapons shit. Why must weaboos ruin everything? Why does it reminds me of boku no pico I have to admit most of my enjoyment came out of just scrolling through peoples frustrations and getting a nice glass of cold pop watching them become so shaken up by this video it was pretty funny but unfortunately is a grave reminder that not all people are stable...especially weaboos hell anyone can be unstable but thats not the point P.S. If you intend to enjoy the video like I did get yourself comfy in your chair...get a nice bag of your favourite chips and a glass of something. Just take the time to scroll through the comments better yet play a drinking game every time you see someone freak out at the video
70 /100
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