“...Until we know more about this world, we must always move forward believing the enemy is stronger than us." Ains-sama

Before getting into this second season, the one piece of advice that was constantly given to me was: “Be patient.” At first, I had no idea why I needed to be patient with an anime that was STUFFED with so much action and development. Within the first few episodes though, I soon realized why such advice was given to me. Overlord 2 is very different from its predecessor because of what it chooses to focus on for the main storyline. While we do still get to gaze upon the glory of Ains-sama, this season focuses more on the “behind the scenes” events of the servants under him. This may be a turn-off for some, especially when the first few episodes may seem like they have nothing to do with him. But I too will give you some advice, be......PATIENT. Everything soon seems to fall into place, and you’ll realize that it was all according to plan. So don’t worry! This season definitely has its strong points, one of these being in character development. Before we get any further into that, let’s get on with the review!

Art and Animation: 8.9/10

  • In terms of pure consistency, I believe that this season performed the best out of the 3. My reason being that it played to its strengths, without much of the unneeded CGI. There were a lot of great characters added to the storyline, and I loved a lot of their designs. When it came to the action scenes, there were a lot of great moments that I’d definitely enjoy again if I ever did a rewatch. The character animations were very well done, with little to no mistakes in this department.

Storyline and Character Progression: 9/10

  • While the storyline itself was very entertaining, it had suffered from a reasonably slow start. I personally enjoyed the newly added perspective of the servants of Ains-sama because it had given them a lot more depth. We were able to really see why they all hold Ains-sama in such high esteem, despite his lack of experience. This made for interesting character interactions that were able to develop them more as a relevant character while preserving the progression of the storyline. I never felt that a single episode was meant to be a filler, and this is thanks to the great pacing we see throughout the season. Even with the newly introduced characters, a select few of them received a lot of attention in order to hint at their possible motives. I really enjoyed watching as some of their personalities were revealed to be a lot more complex than what I first imagined them to be. The events later in the season were definitely worth the wait, and the 3-D chess was even more apparent. The only downside? VERY little Albedo.....

Soundtrack and Audio: 8.4/10

  • All the amazing parts of the audio quality from the first season pretty much carried over into this next one. Even a lot of the newly introduced characters had some pretty decent voice actors, which maintained the atmosphere very well. The sound effects were also of the same great quality of the previous season. Only real complaint was the below average OP, it didn’t give me the same drive as an Overlord-worthy song. It lacked the true representation and energy that this season had to offer, but was ultimately saved because the ED was decent enough.

Overall, this seasons focus was definitely on character progression. It had executed this very well because it delivered events that had meaning to the storyline and to the characters themselves. The development felt very natural and unforced, which helped the overall enjoyment of watching a season with ample Ains-sama. You really got to grow a greater appreciation for the servants as you saw some of them work behind the scenes in their day-to-day activities. And the things that they did were far from uninteresting, because even the servants of the great Ains-sama see some action from time to time! When it comes down to it, just be patient and enjoy the new perspective this season has to offer. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed once the ball gets rolling and Ains-sama takes the stage once again! I’m comfortable giving this an 8.7/10 because while everything was great, it definitely felt like a platform for the next season. That’s all for now, thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in the next one!

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87 /100
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