I just wanted to see her smile again. Well well. What have I got to say... That was some pretty good words coming from a guy who has spent so much time trying to get her to wake up again. This SciFi romance film was something I wouldnt have expected to be extraordinary I kind of kept my hopes down for the entire film. But after watching the movie it felt... decent? good? I was confused at that point. However what I CAN say is that the romance was implied pretty strongly on the main character. Spending 10 years to save a girl you literally just started dating with? Thats some sheer determination there my good old friend. Enough sputtering filler phrases let me start my review on Hello World. To begin with the story felt... confusing? Especially at the end it might make you go what just happened? Well yeah that was me as well. But if you got confused at any part during the movie other than the last I suggest you go watch SteinsGate again to turn yourself into a true mad scientist Not sponsored by Dr. Pepper However you got to catch the information quickly especially at the first when it was the most crucial about his future self explaining about ALLTALE Quantum technology. If you missed that good luck trying to understand the whole movie. If you didnt miss that however good for you then You have just gotten the whole gist of the movie. Now onto the romance as a romancefreak I dont know I should be happy or not. But all Naomi did was just follow his future selfs instruction and got her in the basement. Why cant that happen to me as well? I want my future self to get me a girlfriend too Sadly this is indeed a SciFi movie so I cannot complain and whine about it but still Now onto the art animation which the art felt lackluster in emotions for a Romance film. However do keep in mind that this a full CGI film so get ready to see some wack animation. I only noticed one however but it downgraded the whole thing since that animation was literally one of the simplest ones that is given a lot of time I can probably do it as well. Back to the art although lackluster there were a few scenes that were incredibly cute thanks to the visuals. So it depends on whether you care about the Romance or the SciFi and then you see it yourself from a specific viewpoint then on. What I have to seriously criticize on however is the amount of color they used in the movie. Oh my lord there was so much rainbow beams shining everywhere my eyes actually hurt from watching. That is one thing I want everyone to take note of : A LOT OF RAINBOW Not to mention the music was pretty dope. Its honestly personal preference though since we all have different tastes in music. But for me I loved it. As for the voice actors theyve honestly done a pretty good job at... doing their job? There were some moments however that shouldve been implied harder than what was screened. So... directors issue? I dont understand the industry that much so I assume I have no say in something trivial like this. But still good job. Okay Ruri and Naomi were so cute together it just felt amazing. and then the story went downhill from there but lets not talk about the sad times Naomi in the future felt like a how a mentor should feel like although there were some disagreements he has done his part well at tutoring himself in the past. Naomi in the past wasnt a wimp either you can see the his development throughout the story through sheer willpower to save Ruri. He isnt that wimpy kid that doesnt even dare to enter the library anymore he is a reliable and independent teen that people can rely on. As for Ruri the only true character development she got was only when she is with Naomi. But without her this whole story wouldnt have existed so she is still crucial for the story. Haha I know everyone is waiting for this. If you hated this movie you will want me to type here : I hated this shit 0/10 no watch pls. Vice versa if you loved this movie you will want me to type here : I loved this movie omg 10/10 pls watch. Ill be honest here I have mixed feelings for the movie. For me I love scifi theories and I read a lot about them. So naturally I understood and enjoyed the movie. But at the same time I love to look at things on an unbiased scale. What about the people who just came here with no knowledge of scifi whatsoever? Will they know whats the butterfly effect? A parallel world? A paradox? Naturally they will get confused and not enjoy the movie as much as I did. Personally the romance contributed a great factor for those who did not understand the scifi stuff IMO. As I said above I am a romancefreak so I savored every moment of romance the movie contained. Now for the big revelation I will get my enjoyment an 8/10. Overall if you have epilepsy I will not recommend this movie due to the amount of colors and the motion. If you do not however I can recommend it if you like SciFi or romance. Or else if you just like anything you watch then why are you here? Go ahead. However if you are a critic that hates CGI romance and time traveling. Then please do not watch this. I already warned you beforehand. Well then signing off. El Psy Congroo
85 /100
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