There will be spoilers or something. Tsumiki no Ie is a short little movie about an old man and his journey through his memories. PREMISE OF THE MOVIE: At the start of the movie the old man is seen fishing in the house after looking at the pictures of his family. The fishing through his house could be interpreted as him trying to fish out his memories to the new surface. Why am I saying new surface well you see due to the rising sea water he had to build additional cubes to stay above the water level many memories got trapped in the cubes. After an attempt of moving his old stuff he drops his favourite pipe down the trapdoor. The old man rents a scuba gear and proceeds down the memory lane quite literally. Each level he goes down he remembers a new memory of him and his wife from the moments they met each other to their very last days. Each time he enters a new room the colours are a melancholic blue and shift into a cheerful yellow when he remembers the good ol days. 420 ART/ANIMATION: The animation is not bad it feels like it couldve been hand made its smooth and yet has that choppy feeling to it. All of the colours in the movie blend together into one complementing each other along the way. It makes for an interesting aesthetic to the movie. 420 MUSIC: There is no dialouge in the movie apart from the OST and some sound effects. The OST is really good. During the memory scenes the songs move to a melancholic vibe. Really slow and heavy hitting to emphasise the sheer sadness contained in these memories. 420 OVERALL OPINION: The movie is not bad its 12 minutes long and its simple and yet sweet. The movie is not bad in anyway shape or form. The old man remembers his past fun memories which makes him really sad and upset and yet he pushes onwards to a new day like we can see at the end of the movie. A story about the past and moving on. Quite good. Yes my score is quite low for the movie but that shouldnt really discourage anyone from watching this little movie.
62 /100
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