20000ft commentary and recommendation: A story of OP protagonists doing OP HighTech things in a LowTech world. This is yet another example of More Isekai trash/garbage but for those of us out there that like Isekai and OP characters this may be one of the more enjoyable shows as it excels at its intended purpose of mindless entertainment I think this show is worth watching if youre a fan either Isekai or OP characters. Let me make this very clear: If you dislike Isekai shows demigod/nighomniscient OP characters or are looking for a show with character/lore depth or realism in its themes AKA not generic trash then this is NOT the show for you. If youre still here and are looking for the equivalent of the McDonalds of Anime then youre likely going to be able to at least finish this show. The show is left with a rather open ending in which closes very few of the opened storylines as usual dont expect this show to get a second season. It does however succeed in being reasonably good mindless entertainment capable of providing a few moments of holy sht theyre OP. As noted by a fellow user the following is how not to write a review 101 and has been left mostly unaltered as an example to others. Plot concept Depth Lore Execution Development: As weve come to expect from the Isekai genre the show is not thoughtprovoking nor is it a tale of great character development. However in my opinion like a slice of chocolate cake and Icecream in the same bowl it seeks to entertain by allowing the viewer to vegout and giggle at perfect planning and genius characters with witty clapbacks and moments of Taking the nuke to the sword fight level trouncing. This show as expected doesnt have the deepest lore nor does it have huge amounts of character development. The concept of the show is what saves this score not Original per se but certainly nothing similar immediately comes to mind. The plot develops exactly as you would expect a little predictable but for a show that isnt trying to make you think it does its job. Characters Development: The Characters in the show are mostly presented as a genius in a certain area. As they were acquainted prior to the show beginning there is no serious conflict internally and they already work well together. Typically this will mean that they are all cliched stereotypical characters while this mostly accurate they are saved by none of them having irritating drawback tropes such as Harem THIS IS NOT A HAREM thank the lawd or total inability to interact with the opposite sex etc. Audio Visual Elements: The visuals department isnt going to wow like an insert the show/film you think is most pretty here and the audio tracks arent going to be a Buy the OST like an insert the show/film you think has the best musical score here but they do the job and serve their purpose. Of the 2 the visual effects and art are the stronger punching above average for its class and genre.
85 /100
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