The main part of this review is in 2 parts first is written specifically for the OVA and the second is a snippet from my review of the main series with 1/2 tweaks. After that theres an explanation for the scores I went with for the OVA compared to the main series but youre probably only here for one of the main parts so feel free to skip that if you want. Its a good OVA and its existence itself is fanservice to fans of the anime with the usual fanservice added to it. Id honestly love to get more anime of this series but as thats very unlikely to happen at this point one last hoorah for these characters will have to suffice. If you like to watch your favourite maidens pestered by the usual fanservice OVAs tend to offer then youre in luck as theres not just one gimmick but a whole bunch of them including milk school swimsuits melting clothes and more. Again Id love for it to have been more actual plot rather than plot but beggars cant be choosers... I myself dont really want to see my favourite girls being pestered like so but this is what you have to deal with in the anime community... Oh and just in case youre wondering you will need to watch the main series unless youre some kind of barbarian thats only in it for the ecchi scenes. Now onto the tweaked snippet if the above was enough for you then you dont need to read this: This is your fairly standard fanservice OVA which was bundled with volume 7 of the light novel shortly after the anime aired. It includes a surprising number of fanservice gimmicks including milk clothes in the process of being removed school swimsuits along with ones that are similar to school swimsuits melting clothes and more. It has its own ministory/competition independent of the main 10 episode anime but requires you to have watched them as certain abilities characters and whatnot are present that come into play throughout so unless you just want fanservice and wont watch the anime or dont mind being spoilt you should watch it after finishing the main series. As for the scoring seen on MyAnimeList but not here on AniList Unlike the main series Ive given everything EXCEPT for the story and enjoyment an 8 whereas everything in the main series for an 8. Story because its your usual fanservice OVA BUT it does have its own story/plot even if it is just to allow for the fanservice scenes. The enjoyment gets a 7 instead of an 8 because fanservice isnt really my tea of choice as Id much rather have more plot or developments.
80 /100
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