This review will contain Spoilers for the show A great start to an alright series when I watched this I loved. Such interesting characters and take on superpowers. SPOILER AHEAD STORY: The story focuses on Izuku Midoriya a boy who aspired to be just like All Might The most popular and most the 1 Hero and a Symbol of Peace. But he soon learned that he was quirkless after finding out about this our poor Midoriya Shounen was crushed pure in shambles. But he run into All Might. After a bit of a chitchat All Might sees the potential in him and decides to train our boy. Midoriya goes through very intense training and at the end of it we find out that.. All Mights quirk can be shared his quirk was passed down from generation to generation always seeking the right vessel to transfer the powers to. All Might gave to Midoriya his hair cause it has his DNA and told him to Eat this. Midoriya did so and got his sweet new quirk and the strong will to break all of his bones. Honestly the way they handled the quirks system and the natural integrations of superheros into society felt really cool to me and thats what made me love this series it wasnt your oh heroes hide in shadows and pretends to be noone. thing heroes walked along civilians. Quite cool. 420 CHARACTERS: The main cast consists of very memorable characters: Izuku Midoriya The main character of the series I already explained his backstory in the previous category. He is very excited to be the shining hope. He really wants to become the very best of best in the heroes department and now that he actually has a quirk he is finally able to fufill his dream. Katsuki Bakugou Bakugou is the childhood freind of Midoriya. He always made fun of young Midoriya due to the fact that he did not possess a cool quirk such a he did he is really full of himself. He is quite competetive which is cool to see in a character but his drive to become the very best is more of an obsession rather than the strive to be a better version of yourself. He is kinda of a mixed character due to his explosive personality heh. Ochako Uraraka She is one of the main characters in the main gang of the series she is an obvious love interest in Midoriya basically ever since the start of the show. Sadly though with the power of hindsight Future season spoilers ahead Back to non future spoiler talk. She is a bubbly and happy character who always tries her best to make people feel good Shouto Todoroki He is rather cold thinks more about the situation at hand rather than letting his emotions get to him. Tsuyu Asui All Might The symbol of Peace After giving his quirk to Midoriya he become more of a Fatherly figure to Midoriya always encouraging him and supporting him. But he is a teacher at the U.A. High School so he does try to be strict and tell him off. When he is not the 1 hero he is seen being really skinny and coughing blood apart from the blood thing he acts like a normal citizen. Shouta Aizawa To be honest he is one of the best characters. You dont see it at first but his strictness is due to his vigilance and need to protect his students he tries his best as to make sure that his students dont die when they are out of High School. Tenya Iida The leader of the class he is really strict and formal. Im not a huge fan of his characters. Too strict for me. You know the deal in these reviews there is more character but Im too lazy to write more about them and whatnot... 500 ART/ANIMATION: The animation is good to be expected from BONES studio. Its smooth and fluid. The fights look really nice...wish the same could be said about S4... 420 MUSIC: The OP and ED are really catchy I always listen to them. The OST is also really great with many memorable songs that fit each scene perfectly. 420 OVERALL OPINION: Season 1 of My Hero Academia is great. I loved it but sadly the future seasons especially the 4th installment in the series dont live up to the standards set by this season. But this season alone is great by far my favourite So despite the fact that I dont like the series anymore as a whole I still can appreciate the beauty of this season
80 /100
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