One Piece is a great adventure series with a lovable cast of characters. This series follows the adventures of a boy named Luffy whos goal is to become King of the pirates. This series has some of the best world building in fiction islands and islands packed with information on geography and rich history. A map of the One Piece world can be so detailed almost as life like as a real world map. One Piece has very strong characters and a very strong protagonist Monkey D. Luffy is a character that has dreams and goals supported with motive. The cast of characters is so grand that characters you meet 100s of episodes ago will return and impact the story in many ways. My favorite thing about One Piece however is the outside interactions that effect the plot for example characters that are not apart of the main cast like Ace and Blackbeard will have a battle that can determine how the world will progress. Each arc in One Piece gives you a payoff that will leave you fulfilled. Some of the most impactful moments in anime I have ever seen are in One Piece scenes will leave you in tears and run shivers down your spine. One Piece is a series that has been planned from the very beginning and you can see this with all the foreshadowing that the author leaves in his writing even moments that are not planned he is able to integrate them into previous plot points and have them connect with something that was mentioned in the previous chapters. As it is a great spectacular series one issue that might be jarring to readers is the length and pacing of One Piece it is a commitment of itself watching and reading one piece wont be easy but the storytelling in this series is like no other. One Piece will fulfill anyone need for it has many genres all mixed into one but it doesnt effect the theme of one piece in anyway. Speaking of the theme one pieces theme does not change from the beginning of the series to the end and has a main character that embodies the message of the theme. There is many more great things about the story One Piece I do recommend anyone to give it a watch/read I will however recommend you read the manga over the anime due to pacing issues in the anime. Other than that I would give the series a 10/10 just due to the story.
98 /100
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