I had this series in my Plan to Watch list for some time but I hesitated to start this series because I know I will feel empty after I finish the last episode and guess what? I felt heavy and empty but sort of in a good way if you know what I meant. 440https://66.media.tumblr.com/e4ec96629dccfe123b547a433b9cdd37/tumblrpk3oa0ugLH1x3g63go1500.gifv 440https://66.media.tumblr.com/f412fbee4684daaba4d80d2ff612050b/tumblrpk3oa0ugLH1x3g63go2500.gif PLEASE NOTE THAT MY REVIEW CONTAIN MINOR Okay MAJOR SPOILER Indeed the title has given you a big hint on what the anime is going to be about but its not all about running. There is more than to just running. The anime centers around Hakone Ekiden a university relay marathon race that exists in real which is held annually between January 2 and January 3. The animation is awesome and the pace of the story is steady plus it flows nicely. The story may be a little slow in the beginning but I honestly feel that none of those moments are wasted and in fact are needed in order to understand the ending better. From having to persuading the members to run the marathon to learning about the members strengths and weaknesses to daily practices to attending qualifiers and lastly the marathon itself the anime has shown us their determination teamwork and friendship which leads them to completing the marathon. It was only a persons goal to run in the Hakone Ekiden in the beginning of the series but it became 10 peoples goal to complete the Hakone Ekiden at the end. However I feel that we are only scratching the surface when it comes to character developments. Well it might be hard to throw in the story and full character developments when there are only 23 episodes with 10 important characters. Despite that I like all the 10 unique characters in the team and I am glad that we managed to see them grow mentally and physically. On a side note Im really glad that we get to see their inner thoughts when they were running on their allocated section during the marathon that helps to build up towards the ending. That part sticks with me the most for some reason. Oh and did I mention that I really love the ending? 3 I really like how the ending is concluded but one just one questions that has not been answered. Musa can you tell us is it Jota or Joji? I have to say this because Haiji Kiyose is definitely one of the best leader I have seen in anime He cares a lot about his teammates encourage them giving advice and even cook for them despite having his own problems to deal with. Im glad that none of the members gave up and Haiji gets to have his dream fulfilled : Of course Kakeru Kurahara is one of the person who is gifted in running but that doesnt mean that the rest cannot compete in the marathon. Every one of them is important and there is no way Kakeru can win the race without his team which Im glad that this is also emphasized in the story. Thank you Haiji for giving Nicosenpai King Yuki Shindo Musa Prince Jota Joji and Kakeru a chance to participate in this marathon and for teaching us that there is more to than just running : Not so related to the story/characters but I really love the two ending songs Reset Michi by Taichi Mukai. It fits well with the series and I see myself listening to these songs quite often for a period of time. And to end this lengthy review The mountains of Hakone are?
85 /100
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