I miss the darker theme from the first 3 seasons it was just so nice. The animation was far to cutsey modern and vibrant when it really didnt need to be i see a lot of comments like oooh but now its like the manga fuck up that doesnt mean its better. The style now looks like everythings 3D but the characters are 2D drawn over the top or like they used a green screen? Its more goofy than one of those adobe flash animated pop up ads. The most annoying shit comes from Rias. Why is her hair now not crimson but just bright red? Why is she so cutsey and less stern or regel like she was last season and why does Issei refer to her as president instead of just Rias now. I think Ill just straight up list all my issues: Why does Asia have yiddies when shes supposed to be the innocent character like season 13? Why do the characters either have too much expressions or none at all for examples of none at all just see lady leviathan from ep 2s for sure line. Originally lady leviathan was the super cutsey character acting like a magical princess and shit but now shes just there. Theres so many character shifts it gives me aids. Im not sure if im the only one here but what the fuck happened with all the plot its kind of out of nowhere or not at all fluid from last seasons. Why doesnt the character artstyle match the environment art style its far too miss matched and really pulls you out of it? Even the characters design doesnt match the others sometimes like when Issei is in his balance breaker armour it doesnt match the style of the characters literally right behind him. Why does Azazel only have 3 pairs of wings ep 3 when hes THE commander of fallen angels? Kokabiel had 5 pairs of wings and im fairly certain that was reference to their strenght/status. Why does Azazels fafnir armour look like a fucken electrobuzz now? Remember when he first whipped out this armour reminiscent of a fallen god it was so fucking cool. Now its just like oh look he can shoot green balls and stuff... yay In fact all the designs for the villains and heros have gone from these amazing detailed dark themed armours or weapons to these no effort childish designs. What the FUCK was episode 5. Episode 6 was just a fucken repeat of when he first gained the ability to activate his balance breaker at will but more extra. Why does Seigfried look like freed sellzens retarded child? Episode 4 fucken SPOILERS why in the SHIT does main villain dude start chatting about how amazing Issei is at delegating tasks and optimising teamwork? when the fuck was Issei ever a leader he was never a leader he was just a headfast fighter bruiser type who charged in without thinking. Other than the animation being sharted out of the cool maths games website and some retarded character reworking the humour and all that shits fine. Pretty much as expected for the series so thats good. Im guessing the writers were the same but they for some reason swapped out the animators.
37 /100
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