Its not like it will be the end of this world if someone refused me... But thats how love is thats how it makes you feel Truth be told this is one of those anime that you either find clich or relate to on a spiritual level. For me it was the latter. As someone who has experienced and gone through mostly what the main leads have gone through the episodes were no longer entertainment for me they were lessons answers they made me understand the one thing that scared me the most in this world and that is feelings. This anime revolves around unrequited love true love not the one from the movies not the fictional and happy ending it perfectly describes the complex web of emotions that tightens as you dive deeper into relationships until you reach a point where it becomes suffocating where you end up drowning in your own thoughts. Emotions are complex even though our desires are simple and that exactly makes you realise how hollow one can feel when hes used to depending on others. When you dont have a shoulder to lean on only then will you realise that you dont know how to stand straight by yourself. If youre here expecting me to explain this anime to you then Im sorry but I wont be able to do that because its up to you to decide what everything meant its up to you to decide the Why? Its about loving someone so much that youre willing to sacrifice your own feelings your own desire to be with them for the sake of their happiness. Its about the weak aspect of human nature the inability to live without the comforting fact that someone somewhere cares for you thinks about you remembers you... That youre always on someones mind and that at the end you wont be forgotten. As a wise proverb once stated: A human being dies twice in his life the first is the physical death and the second when he is forgotten Effort is always rewarded in every endeavour but one. Thats love... Thats why I hate it Because you dont choose who you fall in love with at least not always. Thats why some people are afraid of it because you cant help it you cant control it yet when it happens it controls you. And its sad how little you mean to the person who means the world to you. And karma said: You shall fall in love with someone who doesnt love you for not loving someone who did. And as emotionally destructive as that may seen the sole fact that someone else might have gone through all that for your sake is by itself overwhelming. The pressure of being loved by someone whom you cant reciprocate the feelings to is something unbearable yet that is the way of life. I wont prolong this review any longer I wont talk needlessly all I can say is that this was hands down one of my favourite anime/lessons of all time and I definitely recommend it to whoever is reading this. This is a story about growth a story about the unbearable suffocating and overwhelming phase shift between adolescence and adulthood. This is everyones story. I dont want to be apart I dont want to let go anymore I want to hold you I dont want things to end Dont let me go I dont want it to end But goodbye
100 /100
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