Spoilers ahead. This review is for the entirety of Owarimonogatari not just the second half. The beginning of the end and the end of the beginning. Owari starts and finishes the process of wrapping every single loose end from the first two seasons up in a neat package and it does so wonderfully. Not only this but it finally resolves one of the most important gnawing question that has pervaded the entire series: who or what is Ougi Oshino? Owari starts off with a different approach compared to the previous seasons. Instead of coming up with some concept or ideal that Koyomi must challenge or come to terms with like in earlier portions or focusing on a singular heroine for an arc Ougi Formula focuses on Araragi himself. The exploration into that repressed past helps us understand where everything started to go wrong for the main character. It also sets up the subsequent arcs: Sodachi Lost and Sodachi Riddle. Compared to previous arcs these two stick out in stark contrast. There is no supernatural mystery only a very real case of a horrible depressing home life a missed opportunity and a ruined sour relationship. It makes the reasoning behind Araragis current behavior crystal clear by the end of it all helping the viewer empathize with what was previously a bizarre inexplicable desire to help anyone in need. Sodachi herself is interesting enough save for the admittedly stereotypical conclusion to the mystery surrounding her. She manages to carry the arc almost on her own with her fantastic performance as such a deranged emotionally devastated young girl. However the real heavy hitters of Owarimonogatari begin with the midpoint: Shinobu Mail. This arc is nearly better than if not as good as Otorimonogatari and Koimonogatari. The final step for Shinobus character arc is finally reached leaving her as easily the bestwritten consistently fantastic heroine within the entire series. Suruga has a few fantastic scenes and interactions with Shinobu as well giving her straightforward mindset much more depth and clarity than ever before. Koyomi is given a minor spotlight for his reciprocation of love for Shinobu despite their rocky past. Its set in stone by this point in the series that the two have gone from what was basically a pair of reluctant bitter partners to what is nearly a couple. Mayoi Hell takes a minor dip by making its contents revolve solely around explaining some prior events that may have been unclear or otherwise confusing. However more interaction between Koyomi and Mayoi is never a bad thing. It may lack depth or importance some of the time but it always manages to be more than entertaining. Hitagi Rendezvous despite being little more than a date is one of the best arcs in the series. The depth and passion that both Koyomi and Hitagi handle their blossoming relationship with goes to show just how seriously theyre taking it underneath the banter and jokes. The opening shows just how Koyomi views Hitagi who once used to do little else besides insult and threaten him. Over the whole story Hitagi has softened up considerably going from a prickly almost sickeningly tsundere girl to a very feminine intelligent and assertive young lady. Her place as Araragis girlfriend was shaky at the beginning due to the presence of Hanekawa but by the end of it all she is undoubtedly the woman for him. At last Ougi Dark. The penultimate arc lasts only three episodes but the final two are incredible. Every characters story if left unfinished is given a proper satisfying ending within this final arc. The fully restored KissShot is offered exactly what she desires Mayoi is given a place among the world of the living once more Tsukihi defines what kind of person she sees herself as Nadeko finds her way in life with the help of her friend and of course Koyomi closes out his adolescence by confronting the enigmatic Ougi. The feeling of finality and completeness delivered by Ougi Dark is perfect in every sense. Koyomi finally ends his seasonslong character arc that began all the way back in Kizu or even further back with his traumatic experience in high school. His incessant selfless struggles come full circle this final predicament teaching him to treat himself with the same care and respect as every one of his friends he rescued in the past. In the end though he reminds the viewer that Koyomi Araragi is Koyomi Araragi even despite his newfound selfrespect. KissShots words from Kizumonogatari remain true despite everything that has happened to him whether good or bad. With this the Monogatari series is without a doubt complete. Nothing more needs to be said or done. Nearly everyone within this diverse incredible cast has been fleshed out wholly. Nisio Isin has more than proven himself as nothing less than an incredible writer in every sense. Monogatari never left me feeling bored or unimpressed. This talent for such rich dense verbal interactions is something that I have rarely seen. Not only that but the accompanying visuals story and characters keep the viewer captivated by just about everything thats happening on the screen. Monogatari will hold its spot as one of the most unique stories with an absolutely amazing welldeveloped cast. I truly doubt any other series could hope to rise up to match such a captivating characterdriven ride through Koyomis fantastical yet difficult third year. However I still look forwards to what Nisio has written for the later arcs. For now though I am content with every aspect of this incredible journey through Koyomis tumultuous fascinating teenage life.
100 /100
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