STORY Darwins Game has a basic start for a death game themed anime. A normal school student suddenly finds himself in the midst of deadly events and starts to beat everyone with his somehow strategic intelligence. However the pacing of subsequent events is very slow. We have a scavenger hunt event in the midst of the show and that event lasts for six episodes. The scavenger hunt event could easily be handled in just three or four episodes but Darwins Game has so many unnecessary dialogues and because of that half of the season wasted on that event. Dialogues are often used in Darwins Game to describe simple things in long sentences and this makes what is described more complicated than it is. Also we have some unnecessary dialogues between enemies just like in every bad shounen anime... Unnecessary dialogues are easily one of the worst and annoying things about this show. CHARACTERS The character cast is another problem about Darwins Game. The protagonist of the show Sudou Kaname is your typical edgy anime protagonist which will be liked only by fifteen years old edgy boys. And his slut Karino Shuka is a deadly but obedient anime waifu that has nothing to do except being a tool for our protagonist. We have more characters in the main cast but we can really care about only two of them and the story of one of them is wasted and thrown into the trash within ten minutes. Leaving aside the main cast we have one of the worst anime villains ever: Wang. He is a very cringy character with everything from his design to his actions. He lives just for murder and money. Anime tries to make him look scary but the only emotion we feel as a result of his movements is an embarrassment. ART Darwins Game has a very ugly art style. Almost every characters face feels wrong. They have very long noses and strange skull structures. Also their faces shine like they had oil on them. Background drawings are detailed but animations are not that good. I was expecting better animations from a onecour action anime it was very frustrating. SOUND All the soundtracks of Darwins Game were forgettable. I watched this show for almost 3 straight months and I dont remember any soundtrack from it. Voice actings are not bad but not good either. Only Shuka has some good voice acting moments but thats all. At least the opening and ending were kinda good. ENJOYMENT Darwins Game was one of the most boring anime Ive seen recently. The only part of this show that I had fun with was the car chase scene. If you dont like edgy things theres no reason to watch Darwins Game. OVERALL Take care and stay healthy
20 /100
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