Seton Gakuen is an anime that tries to tell even the people with completely different characteristics can get along and become good friends you dont have to be like the other person to make friends with him/her. Thats a pretty good main message for a show like Seton Gakuen but the execution of the message is very weak because of its main focus is never that message its main focus is comedy. To be honest Seton Gakuen has some great comedy scenes but its comedy gets boring very quickly because it makes the same jokes over and over again. For example the joke about the sloth girl Miyubi was made at least twenty times from the second episode to the last episode and naturally this joke was no longer funny after a point. In short Seton Gakuen wasted both of the potentials of its comedy and social message. The show had great potential when it comes to character cast thanks to different kinds of animals but it wasted that potential too... All of the main characters have stereotype characteristics and none of them getting important character development. The worst thing about this is that they need character development especially our main character Jin Mazama. Jin is a jerk he doesnt like animals because of some childhood trauma and sees them as brainless creatures. He also has a kind side but this kind side never gets ahead of his jerk side he remains to be a jerk at the end of the anime. Apart from Jin there are six characters in our main pack: Hitomi Perfect Girl Hino a human Ranka Bullied Dog Ookami a wolf Miyubi Dead Girl Shishio a sloth Kurumi Ghost Member Nekomai a cat Yukari Poop Eater Komori a koala and Masochist Idol Meimei a panda. These characters are so empty that the tag names I gave them are enough to identify them. Hitomi is just a human girl who does almost nothing throughout the anime but everyone loves her because she is perfect in everything Ranka is a noisy wolf who has been bullied by Jin for annoying him Miyubi is a sloth so she faints when she moves so much Kurumi is a cat so she always sleeps Yukari is a koala who loves to eat poop Im serious and Meimei is a panda who enjoys being humiliated by Jin because everyone treated her like a queen even since her birth. Actually all of these characters reflect the nature of their species except for Yukari because her only attribute is the extraordinary grip power of koalas and this is just an urban legend. Although they are successful at reflecting their species true nature thats not enough for a story like where different species trying to be friends. They need some serious developments but they dont get any developments in the anime. Even though the main pack is weak we have some decent supporting characters: Lion Impala couple and Hyena. Lion Impala couple became my favorite characters of this show because Im a big fan of the forbidden love concepts and also their scenes were better at comedy in my opinion. I never got bored while watching them on screen even when an episode was boring as hell knowing that I will watch this couple at the end of the episode was made me endure that episode. If Studio Gokumi says that they will make a spinoff series that focuses on this Lion Impala couple in the future Ill definitely watch that without thinking even for a second. On the other hand Hyenas story was entertaining too even if it wasnt as much entertaining as Lion Impala couple. It was focusing on gender issues of a female hyena who thinks she is a male since her childhood because she has a fake penis yes female hyenas have fake penises. Since this was a theme which we dont often see in animes it was fun to watch. However after the first episode we meet with this hyena we didnt see her as often as Lion Impala couple. When the execution of the characters and the main theme are not good we turn our eyes to art and sound but there is nothing special about these either. The drawing and animation quality is average the color scheme is boring. The soundtracks are pretty mediocre and the voice actings are meh. Also I didnt understand the character designs. Male animals are anthropomorphic animals just like how Beastars characters are but female animals have animal parts only for ears and tails. And because of that seeing animal couples felt weird in Seton Gakuen. At the end of the day I enjoyed while watching this show weekly but I dont recommend it for people who are planning to watch it on a binge if theyre not into kemonomimi girls there are so many comedy anime that better than Seton Gakuen. OVERALL Take care and stay healthy
53 /100
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