Omamori Himari was overall just a generic and rather terrible and forgettable show. One of hundreds of super generic harem anime that seem to exist in every season ever. We get a large cast of female characters with some quirk and a generic uninteresting guy who never does anything. And a story that ends up feeling utterly unsatisfactory. So let us take a look at the disappointing story first. Story Throughout the 12 episodes we get a couple mini arcs leading up to the final battle. Each doesnt really lead to anything interesting being learned or questions to be asked or answered. The only point is to get more girls to gather around the generic main male character. Only a single episode number 8 managed to stand out to me in any way. Probably because the character it mainly focuses on was one of the more interesting to me and I felt they could have done more with it. But overall this story was completely forgettable and after 12 weeks I cant even remember the plot of the first episode without looking it up. Also want to mention that the ending to this story is absolutely terrible. We get two villains who both get various sudden power ups. The one female character ends up with 3 sudden power ups 1 is fall to evil and 2 are power of friendship style. But these villains feel completely random like their actual story and reason for trying to do any of this is explained in some unreleased episode 7.5. Characters Well if you are looking to watch a large group of female characters gather around a generic dude you found the right anime to watch. It is too bad that you wont remember any of these female characters names by the last episode. And by the end I dont even remember which episode that particular group was introduced in. Or what their particular abilities are not that they actually matter. Overall none of these female characters actually matter. I would say that maybe 3 of them are kinda important. But the rest never do anything in battles barely get any screen time have close to 0 personality and just exist to fill some random clich. The male main character is your typical forgettable and useless main character you would expect. Who exists just to let you selfinsert into the story and overall doesnt really have a role to play. He has a couple moments to do something cool or important but overall just lets the one girl do everything that needs to be done. Who despite being surrounded by women throwing themselves at him just ignores them like he has a mental disorder. Visuals Imagine a generic cheap 2000s show and you know what this looks like. They didnt try to do anything at all to make the show look interesting or different at all. Everything is rather flat and dull the characters dont stand out and they never give you a shot that really attracts attention. Music Sound I cant really say much about it given I dont remember anything that played at all. I know some played during various fight scenes or at slow times. But it is just so background generic soundtrack sounding that it gets completely forgotten. Definitely is not a soundtrack you would lookup and listen to in the future.
20 /100
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