Do you like catgirls? Do you dream about catgirls every night when you put your head on the pillow? Has your love for catgirls now reached a fetish level? Then you are at the right place Nekopara is with you to make your innocent dreams come true STORY Nekopara is an anime which adapted from an eroge that places in a world where cats are humanoid livings that can talk and act like humans but theyre still pets. Nekopara anime has an interesting concept for kemonomimi fetishists but for normal people its just another boring slice of life anime with no plot or special atmosphere. The only thing we watch in Nekopara is some catgirls daily life. Also directing is so bad that this anime which should be an iyashikei cannot adjust the pace at some points and loses its relaxing side. By the way if you think I used the word innocent as a joke in the first paragraph of the review you are wrong. Because there are no 18+ scenes in this show despite being adapted from an eroge. There are only some soft ecchi scenes but those scenes are innocent compared to the eroge. So if you want to touch yourself while watching catgirls I recommend you to play the eroge version. But if you want to watch something innocent that will touch your kemonomimi fetishist heart this anime is for you. CHARACTERS In Nekopara we have various catgirls: Twin tailed clumsy black cat Chocola kuudere white cat Vanilla shorthaired tsundere munchkin Azuki darkskinned and big breasted Maine coon CocoNUT dandere loli Cacao bigbreasted Scottish fold Cinnamon and elegant American curl Maple. So if you are a cat girl lover you will most likely find a character that fits your taste in Nekopara. Also there are some good moments among these catgirls that contribute to their character developments. However any of these moments werent enjoyable for me because I didnt care about any of them in the first place. So we are coming back to the fold if you like catgirls you will like these characters and their developments but if you are not into catgirls you wont care anything about them. ART SOUND Nekopara is weak at the art and sound departments. It doesnt have an interesting art style animations are average and sound effects are mediocre. Soundtracks are boring as hell and forgettable. The only good thing about art sound is ED Hidamari no Kaori. This song fits the shows theme pretty well its relaxing and using our catgirls childhood photos as visuals. ENJOYMENT It was fun to watch some cute cat girls daily life for the first three episodes but I got bored very quickly after that. If you are not into catgirls dont watch this show and if you want to see sexual scenes about catgirls play the eroge version. OVERALL Take care and stay healthy
40 /100
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