This show has got to be one of the best ecchi anime Ive ever seen. Where do I even start? When I first saw the poster with all the monster girls I knew it was going to be good but I didnt expect it to be THIS good. It blew my mind I never thought a show thats not a hentai would have this type of animation or fluidness all the girls looked amazing and the sex scenes can even rival/be better than real hentai. Although this show is pretty close to being one. And lets not kid ourselves the story isnt that good if you compare it to other anime the characters arent going anywhere in terms of their development but this is an ecchi so the main focus is the girls not the plot it works pretty good for what this show is about plus it can be pretty damn hilarious at times. Some people may say that the first half is better than the second half but for me they are equally great. One other thing I like about this anime is the character designs and how different they are from what Im used to other shows seem to have nearidentical girls or start getting repetitive in how they look or sound but the author Masha seems to an exception to the rule and is a very talented character designer and I plan on reading the manga to see how his art style looks compared to the anime and how it is overall. I love the opening and ending songs and how they show exactly what this anime is about the opening is especially catchy and the ending is pretty funny. If youre an ecchi connoisseur like me youll enjoy and have a great time watching this and if youre not into ecchi still try watching it may change your opinion and convert you. Man the more I keep writing the more it hits me that its over but I guess Im going to read the manga so Its not that bad and there isnt a lot more I can say than this show is what every ecchi anime should strive to be and I cant wait to see this in 1080p with the bluray release if they ever make one Im buying it. All in all Im giving this anime a 10/10 because it has everything I want from an ecchi: top tier lewdness funny comedic scenes likable characters and AMAZING animation. Im gonna miss this show and hopefully someday when there is more source material we get a season 2. also Ginny Okpa and Milky are best girls :
100 /100
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