Ishuzoku Reviewers is so ecchi its borderline hentai in the sense that the only thing separating it from being an actual hentai is the explicit presence of genitalia and trust me it gets close. And yet somehow it manages to be one of the best shows of the season. The way it manages this is by having a lot of heart behind it. This easily could have been just a bunch of raunchy sex scenes and have been successful on the basis on its premise. However the creators clearly went above and beyond in order to create something really good. Our main protagonists are a regular human an elf and a hermaphrodite angel and they are usually joined in their horny adventures by a series of recurring cast members of various species. While none of them are particularly unique or memorable they are very fun to watch and you really grow to like them over the course of the series. In particular I quite enjoyed watching little Crim from pure and innocent angel boy/girl to degenerate sex pervert. Very wholesome stuff. The comedy of the show is hilarious. The way it embraces the ridiculousness of its premise allows it to put its characters into some truly crazy scenarios and seeing them react to the different types of monster girls the good the bad and the ugly is always a lot of fun. It knows its trashy it knows its almost hentai and it has a lot of fun with itself by embracing the many tropes of animated pornography in very creative ways. And its precisely creativity that lies at the core of Ishuzoku Reviewers. All the different species of this world have their own traits and gimmicks and they are translated in very clever ways to the world of sex. An elf will an 80 year old human woman over a 500 year old attractive elf girl because despite their appeareance humans are always young. Cyclops girl will measure their attractiveness based on the size of their eye. Fairies will literally measure the size of your tool in order to determine who will fit inside a particular girl. The show is filled with this sort of little details that really make the world feel real since these are things that make perfect sense in the context of the world. This show truly has better worldbuilding than 90 of the generic fantasy/isekai anime that get released each season. Another creative aspect of this anime is how it deals with its censorship. Obviously you cant show a womans privates on tv so just make the girl a salamander have characters cook meat on her crotch and have them show the meat. Sure you cant an angels giant d being stroked so just replace the angel with a bottle of mayo instead no one will notice. This show truly gives no fucks and I respect it for it. Overall Ishuzoku Reviewers is a damn good show. Its really a shame that the discourse around this shows revolves around its many controversies. Its obviously not for everyone but for people who enjoy a good raunchy absurd comedy this is definitely a must watch.
80 /100
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